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Governors elsewhere drop in polls

Gov. Beverly Perdue is not alone in her problems in the polls.

Governors are getting pounded across the country, blamed for the bad economy and angering the public with their budget decisions, reports Rob Christensen.

Only two of 10 New Yorkers think Gov. David Paterson, a Democrat, is doing a good job, according to, a nonpartisan online newsletter on state governments.

Fifty-six percent of New Jersey voters think Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine should not be re-elected.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, is viewed negatively by most California voters and Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, both Democrats, are seeing their numbers drop.

Some governors, such as Republcian M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut, have stayed popular with voters despite budget cuts. Rell strongly opposed tax increases.


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Re: One reason for Perdue's decline in ratings

Another recent example of Beverly spending for her fiefdom despite a freeze for all other parts of state government: She hired an NCAE union official to be her education advisor for $52k when he only has 7 years of teaching experience. Isn't Beverly already supposed to be an expert on education given that her PhD is apparently in Education? It appears to be a political payoff at a time when every dollar matters (given that she wants to increase taxes by $700m+).

How about leading by example, Beverly!

Re: Governors elsewhere drop in polls

Basnight, Rand and Co are fine w/ Bev taking all the arrows while they do their dirty deeds where their doltish constituents never see.

Those ACORN coattails swept Bev in but can't help her now.

Re: One reason for Perdue's decline in ratings

Letsallthink: Brilliant analysis of Beverly Perdue. She is way in over her head.

One reason for Perdue's decline in ratings

One reason for Governor Perdue's decline in ratings is that she is really is not 'leading' this state - her words nor actions seem to engender confidence in folks who work in the public or private sector. Gov. Perdue says one thing but does another - for example, she freezes positions in state government but then creates a position in state govt that is likely duplicative of an elected position. Gov. Perdue doesn't seem to have a real grip on what it takes to lead us out of this mess. If she does, she surely doesn't know how to convey it.

I think these numbers really show how weak her support in the election was last fall, and further confirms that without that amazing organizing orchestrated and led by President Obama, Gov. Perdue would have probably lost the election. I don't think I am the only democrat who will forever regret my decision to vote for her.

Reasons for Perdue's decline in ratings

Beverly's PR machine was certainly quick to get you this information on other tax and spend Governors to counteract her decline in poll ratings. Notice the only Governor that is popular opposes new tax increases. Don't forget that one of the reasons for her decline is the inbred nature of the democratic party and the resulting abuse by leaders like Easley and Perdue.

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