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Governor throws ball, catches controversy

Gov. Pat McCrory decided Monday to throw the baseball around with one of his security guards, and even that became grist for controversy.

A Democratic group, called Progress NC, delivered 16,000 petitions to the governor's office on Monday criticizing the proposed cuts to education. The delegation, led by former Congressman Bob Etheridge and including a group of children, was told by an aide that he was busy in a meeting until 5 p.m.

But a short time after, one of the group took a picture of McCrory throwing the baseball around as his chief of staff, Thomas Stith looked on. The group said the photo was taken about 4:42 pm. The group soon distributed the picture with the headline:” Pat McCrory Throws Kids A Spit Ball. Governor Ducks Out of Capitol Office for A Game of Catch To Avoid Facing Children Petitioning Their Government.''

That is not what happened, according to Kim Genardo, the governor's spokeswoman. McCrory was meeting with a legislator when the group stopped by at 4:20. But the meeting finished up earlier than expected so that by 4:45 pm the governor had a few free minutes.

“The photo being circulated today by that liberal advocacy group was taken AFTER the petitions were dropped off at the Capitol,” Genardo said in a statement.

“Taking the advise of First Lady Michelle Obama, the governor each day attempts to get some exercise, yesterday throwing the baseball and today walking from NC State's campus back to the Capitol,” Genardo said.

“Governor McCrory will be back out tomorrow throwing the baseball perhaps with children who share his All-American passion,'' she said.


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Playing ball

With all the talk about cuts to public education is there any talk of cutting back on all the sports being played. Seems to me a lot of money could be cut from all those athletic programs that could be put back into the classroom or into teacher pay. A small percentage of students get to compete in these sports. Take basketball and football. All that expense for a small percentage of students. Time to reign in runaway spending on all those sports teams.

Thank you, Governor McCrory, for bringing this to our attention.

News stations are confirming the rally was active at 4:38 PM

WTVD is reporting that their own cameras captured a large rally crowd at the door to the Governor's office at 4:38 PM, a few minutes before the Governor was photographed playing catch. So either he and his spokeswoman have a hard time telling time, or they are doing a bad job of trying to cover up this snub to a bunch of kids. Didn't McCrory's office realize that, with several networks present, the TV stations would have time stamped footage that would easily prove them wrong?

B. Taylor

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