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Governor spotted at the K&W

Even North Carolina's first family is watching their pennies during this recession.

Spotted having dinner at the K&W Cafeteria in Cameron Village Sunday night were Gov. Beverly Perdue and her husband Bob Eaves, Rob Christensen reports.


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Re: Governor spotted at the K&W

She is also commonly seen wearing sweatpants, a flourescent t-shirt and a baseball hat walking one or two Tibetan terriers. Don't be deceived by the hobo outfit, that's really your Governor.

Re: Governor spotted at the K&W

cdtew: Only one spot would continue to show up on the list, K&W. I'm not sure the honorables know of any other place in Raleigh.

Re: Governor spotted at the K&W

Good call, RTB, although it was only a humble suggestion from a regular reader/sometime commenter.

Re: Governor spotted at the K&W

Oh, Gosh, I was serious...I think it's funny to see where they eat and with whom they eat. It would be funny at least to see what restaurants get name-dropped most, I think I can assume the top 3:

1. 42nd St Oyster Bar
2. The Mecca Diner
3. Clyde Coopers (If its still around -- if not, I'd venture the Angus Barn)

If Ballentine's was still around in Cameron Village, that'd beat out any two of these.

Re: Governor spotted at the K&W

I'm just furious the liberal media is spewing this mush like a so-called side salad of sliced carrots, raisins and mayonnaise from K&W as real news, mainly because I'm out of power and nobody voted for my candidates.

Let's get back to real news, like that really expensive cheeseburger from France that guy that used to matter bought.

It validates my world view, unlike elections.

Edited to add raisins. Real news needs raisins.

Re: Governor spotted at the K&W

Yeah, except 90 percent of them would read like this:

[Politician] seen eating macaroni and cheese at legislative cafeteria with [Lobbyist].

— RTB 

Re: Governor spotted at the K&W

I think this is rather amusing. As a serious, honest-to-god suggestion, how about a "Gossip Column" format be created on the blog, separate from the main articles, containing a "Seen At Lunch" motif or something, detailing which politicians were seen at lunch, and describing the where and with whom.

It sounds like something a stalker would do, but it could end up with funny results... like "Cary Allred seen at the bar in Chilis with [you fill in that part]"

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