Under the Dome

Governor calls session successful, will sign voter ID and abortion bills

Gov. Pat McCrory on Friday said he’s stayed true to his campaign promises and delivered a good start to improving the economy during a press conference.

He said he would sign the bill increasing restrictions on abortion providers and an election bill that would make voters show photo IDs at the polls and stop people younger than 18 from pre-registering to vote. He didn't directly answer questions relating to the more controversial subjects of the session.

“I appreciate the cooperation the legislature gave me in accomplishing 20 of the 22 objectives that I set out in my State of the State speech in January of this year,” he said.

The two that weren’t met were giving pay raises to state employees and passing an energy bill.

In response to concern about cuts to education and other government-run services, McCrory said that the economy needs to be stable in order for the state to afford running them.

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