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Gov.-elect McCrory joins Dix fray; Gov. Perdue pushes back against GOP

Gov.-elect Pat McCrory is joining Republican lawmakers who are calling for Gov. Bev Perdue to back down from her Dix park plan.

A spokesman for McCrory issued this statement: "Governor-Elect McCrory believes it is best for North Carolina to hold on any major decisions like the Dorothea Dix campus until he and the legislature can study the impact to North Carolina taxpayers and ensure it does not adversely impact the state," Ricky Diaz said. "The process should be transparent and allow sufficient time for public review and feedback with the needs of the mental health community in mind."

Perdue responded to the GOP criticism Tuesday afternoon by saying the state is fiscally secure and the consolidation of state Heath and Human Services will actually save taxpayer money. She expressed regret that "in the first few weeks after a very heated campaign season, that some of North Carolina’s leaders continue to try to divide people by political party and not bring people together.” 

Here's her full statement:

“During the last four years, in the worst economic climate since the great depression, North Carolina is one of eight states that has retained its AAA bond rating. We have seen the largest number of our children graduate from high school. We have again been named the best place in the nation to do business. My administration has focused on efficiencies in state government through consolidating, eliminating, and right-sizing public services.

"The Dorothea Dix property and the consolidation of DHHS would save taxpayers nearly $100 million, move employees from 60 separate facilities into five buildings on one campus, and it would preserve green space in a metropolitan area that is expected to grow by more than 1 million people in the next 10 years.

"It is a shame that in the first few weeks after a very heated campaign season, that some of North Carolina’s leaders continue to try to divide people by political party and not bring people together.”


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McCrory makes Louis XIV look modest

My god, this is about the fourth time McCrory has thrown a hissy fit over Perdue daring to use her power before she leaves office. That man has a hard time waiting for his turn, doesn't he? He really can't wait to get his grubby little hands on our state, can he? He's already moved his inauguration up to January 5th -- after doubling its budget so it's grand enough -- and he's just going to have to wait until then to feed his ego. The more I see of him, the less I like what I see. He seems petty in the extreme. There are some strange psychological dynamics at work in that man and it's not going to be pretty for the people of NC as he works them out.

Perdue on the way out

It is wonderful to have Perdue on the way out.  I am old, but I believe I read somewhere that she was the worst Govenor in the US so why would anyone want anything do that she might imagine or dream up.

So long, Bev.

Bless her widdle heart.....

Lil' ol Dumplin just trying to bring everyone together.  A regular Mother Teresa.  What an awesome lil' Dumplin she is !!!

Reaching her widdle hands across the aisle to embrace all her fellow NC citizens even eeeeeevil Pat McCrory.   I vote Dumplin' replaces Oprah as Greatest Woman In The History of Earth.

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