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Gov. Perdue touts digital learning efforts in her final days

Pat McCrory took the spotlight Wednesday with his economic speech. As he did Gov. Bev Perdue visited an Orange County school to highlight what she sees as one of her top achievements.

The Durham Herald-Sun attended the event: "In three different classrooms, the governor observed students using Lenovo laptops to work on Google documents, conduct virtual science experiments and analyze poetry.

“This is too cool,” Perdue said. “I’ve lived in Orange County for 13 years and this school’s always at the top. I’m really proud.”

Superintendent Patrick Rhodes said that the district invested $2.6 million in sales tax revenue in a project that gave laptops to students in all of Orange County’s middle and high schools. The students can take the machines home.

“This school system rocks in terms of access to technology,” the governor told Michele Johnson’s sixth grade class. “It’s pretty cool for you all to learn using technology. Most schools in North Carolina are grappling with the decision to give students a laptop once a week, let alone every day and letting them take it home.”

Perdue also recently spoke at Jeb Bush's education forum on North Carolina's efforts in digital learning.

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