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Gov. Perdue refunds donors, gives $250K to party; $1.26 million remains

As noted in today's story, Gov. Bev Perdue is still sitting on $1.26 million as her would-be Democratic successor struggled to raise money. More details from her report:

Perdue started the year with $2 million. Since July, she directed $250,000 to the state Democratic Party and refunded $243,000 to individual donors. A campaign aide said she also gave $4,000 to Dalton, but the donation is not reflected in the records.

Excluding expenditures in the first half of the year, Perdue has $1.26 million remaining. State law allows Perdue to give unlimited amounts of her available funds to political parties. She can also give limited donations to other candidates and pay back loans.

Perdue listed debts of $776,500 to herself and her husband, Robert Eaves. An aide said she also plans to use some of the money to publish her official papers. “Gov. Perdue is strongly committed to electing Democrats to local, state and federal offices,” said spokesman Marc Farinella. “The governor continues to explore effective uses of her remaining funds to advance important causes like public education and elect Democratic candidates.”

Asked about Perdue’s campaign money, a spokesman for Dalton's cash-strapped campaign said: “I’ll decline to say anything about Gov. Perdue.”


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Publish papers, why?

This is the job of the Dept. of Cultrual Resources and is already included in their budget.  Perdue has, once again, shown her true colors. Only for herself.

When will Bev's "Official Papers" be published?

I wanted to give a set of them to my ex-wife.

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