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Gov. McCrory signs 'bipartisan' unemployment legislation

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory signed what he called Tuesday a "bipartisan" bill that moves quickly to pay down the state's unemployment debt by cutting benefits for jobless workers.

Bipartisan? The word is striking given the bitterly partisan moments in the legislative debate. How does he get to claim that Republicans and Democrats supported the bill? Four Democratic state senators and three Democratic House members supported the measure. It equals about one-quarter of Senate Democrats and 7 percent of House Democrats.

The Democratic supporters: Sens. Ben Clark of Raeford, Clark Jenkins of Tarboro, Gene McLaurin of Rockingham and Michael Walters of Fairmont, and Reps. William Brisson of Dublin, Ken Goodman of Rockingham and Paul Tine of Kitty Hawk.

It's worth noting that two House Republicans opposed the bill. And Democratic Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield and Republican Rep. Dana Bumgardner both voted against and for the bill in different votes.

Read more on the bill signing here.


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In his own world

How can the puppet head of the Art Pope Vichy Government consider a bill with a tiny representation of misguided "democrats" as bipartanship legislation.

McCrory has been described a dumb as a post, but that's insulting to the post!

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