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Gov. Bev Perdue dodges party controversy

Gov. Bev Perdue -- the de facto head of the N.C. Democratic Party -- issued her first statement on the controversy still roiling the party after the resignation of Executive Director Jay Parmley.

But the statement, attributed to spokeswoman Chris Mackey, amounted to a nonstatement: “This is an internal personnel matter within the Democratic Party - the Governor is focused on investing in education and creating jobs for all North Carolinians.”


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Democrats: The Progressive Party

Back in the old days you heard about men harassing women but seldom do I recall stories of men harassing men.  So North Carolina is certainly getting more progressive.    I guess you could say we are really getting "with it."   


Bev was 'never an insider' and never 'wanted to be'...and I really doubt that she

knew about this little resume' enhancement issue ...

Get out of Dodge

I believe that if the male staffer had been more adept at dodging I doubt we would have ever heard about this stuff.

I'm sure she was shocked.

You don't expect her to know anything about this do you?  She has no idea what is going on in her failure of an administration so why should she know about this.

De Facto Dumplin ???

"Gov. Bev Perdue -- the de facto head of the N.C. Democratic Party --"

So should we refer to her as De Facto Dumplin' ??  No doubt, like N&O award-winning reporter Rob Christensen, Dumplin is playing Sgt Schultz on all this.... "we knew nuthinnnng".

Read more here:

Bev knew about the cover up - under her watch

Bev, unfortunately is head of the NC democratic party and was in fact, running for governor when this man on man harassment took place in December.  She likely knows all about it and is as responsible as anyone for its coverup.  An inexcusable response.  Her only excuse is that she has checked out.....

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