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GOP uses obscure rule to shut down Democratic budget amendment

House Speaker Thom Tillis and GOP leaders used an obscure rule to protect what Democrats call an inauguration "slush fund" in the state budget.

Rep. Deborah Ross, a Raleigh Democrat, proposed taking the extra $330,000 Republicans earmarked for the next governor's inauguration and transition and putting it toward a federal matching grant for Help America Vote Act money. Another provision pulled in $230,000 through the state's budget office.

The state needs to spent about $664,000 to  get $4 million in federal money designed to open early voting sites and test voting machine equipment. The House and Senate included the money in their respective budgets but stripped it from the final version.

House Rule 62, in the back of the rule manual, gives lawmakers the ability to cite Mason's Manual of Legislative Procedure for matters not covered in the rule. Republican Rep. David Lewis invoked it and Tillis rushed a vote on it to prevent the House from considering Ross' amendment. Why the GOP needed to invoke this rule, as opposed to use its own to defeat the amendment, is unclear.

Ross appeared indignant about being cut off before being allowed to even explain her amendment to a budget tweaking bill. "It's unfortunate that this body ... is not allowing all members to participate," she said.

Ross went on to describe "abuses of the rules" and "the outright fear of public debate" before Tillis cut her off mid-sentence.


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Think about it, the GOP, the

Think about it, the GOP, the Party of Freedom doesn't want to upgrade our voting outlets so that more people might be able to exercise the most important right of a free society.

The Party of Family values have top staffers sleeping with married lobbyists and the Party of Freedom wants to deny people their most important right in a free society.


very close to ......

The N&O's "back page" is becoming closer and closer and closer to its "front page" as the paper shrinks faster than a popsicle in July.

Ross Got A Vote, And She Lost

Regardless of the cited rule, the article clearly states that Democratic Rep. Ross got a vote, and she lost. That is democracy.

In contrast, Democratic Speaker Jim Black, before he resigned and went to jail, routinely refused to recognize Republicans to offer amendments or motions from the House floor, and there was never a vote allowed.

I know some are gong to scream that it is a weak defense to say that the "Democrats did it first." But my point is that Repubilcans are not repeating what Democratic Speaker Black did, because Ross was voted down, where Black just ruled against Republicans with no vote.

It shows the bias of the N&O that it never reported on Democratic Speaker Jim Black not allowing the North Carolina House of Represenatatives to operate as a small "d" democratic legislature by shutting down Republican amdendments and motions without a vote, but makes a big story about it when under Republican Speaker Tillis, Rep. Ross lost a vote which stopped the debate and ended her attempt to amend the bill.

The old "obscure rule" trick

How long has this "obscure rule" been around?  Is this "obscure rule" something the Republicans just dreamed up?

You wrote above:  "House Rule 62, in the back of the rule manual,....." Does this mean that all rules "in the back of the rule manual" are bad rules?  I mean, aren't some rules going to be in the back of the rule manual?  All rules can't be in the front of the rule manual, can they?  I believe even the N & O frequently has a "last page."

Read more here:

Please report to us on whatever other "obscure rules" these Republicans brought to Raleigh with them.  And tell us what else is "in the back of the rule manual."

All this talk about what is in the back of the rule manual..........makes we want to clean out what is in the back of my closet.  Thanks.

You lost me at.....

"Deborah Ross said ......." was all I needed to read to roll my eyes and snicker.

"Chatty Cathy" thinks she gets paid by the spoken word in the GA.  Darn good thing she doesn't. 

AND a freakin' Drama Queen!  "Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."


That is about the most pathetic post I have ever read on this blog!! You are shameless

You think North Carolinians

You think North Carolinians ran around shoeless in the cold winters at valley forge fighting the british so that 235 years later Speaker Tillis and Presdient Berger could make it tougher for people to vote?

Kinda like the how the GOP thinks of themselves as the party of family values and then their staff who are paid $150K per year spend their time sleeping with married lobbyists.

The GOP which says it's the party of freedom wants to use more government to make it harder to vote


No wonder they nominated a Charlotte lobbyist for Governor




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