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GOP uses Gov. Perdue to bash President Obama in new mailer

Gov. Bev Perdue isn't seeking re-election -- but you wouldn't know it from the mailers the Republicans are sending this year.

The latest flier links the unpopular Democratic incumbent to President Barack Obama, showing the two of them embracing on an airport runway. "What have President Obama and Governor Perdue done to North Carolina?!" it asks on the front.

The mail piece was sent by the N.C. Republican Party in coordination with the Mitt Romney campaign, whose logo appears on the flier.

Inside (see below), the flier attempts to blame Obama and Perdue for the state's economic woes and hits both for raising taxes. The governor is certainly a big cheerleader for the president but the flier stretches the connection between the two Democrats policies and proposals.

The state GOP is also using Perdue to hit Democratic candidates in other races, tying her to Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton and state legislative candidates.


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Bev did get a speaking part

with Walter last weekend at the (NON racial) Western NC Gala - formerly the 'Vance Aycock Dinner' where tickets cost $100.    Was there a government program to buy tickets for the poor?

Absolutely no doubt

Jackson, I have absolutely no doubt that you believe yourself.

Why isn't Bev campaigning with Lt. Dalton?

If Bev is as popular as these comments suggest then why doesn't her Lieutenant have her out on the stump with him?  Surely she would help bring in the votes.  It is a wonder?

The NC GOP's Freudian slips are showing again

I think the NC GOP is making a big mistake in assuming that their polling -- which may show many NCers disapprove with the job Perdue has done -- actually translates into many NCers sharing their hatred for the woman. I have never seen a bunch of men more trheatened, frightened and made angry by a single female politician since Hillary Clinton made the GOP crap their tighty-whities.

Honestly, guys -- grow up. The world has changed. You are no longer Masters of the Universe. To attack someone relentlessly -- especially someone who isn't even running for re-election-- is bad form and says a whole lot more about you than it does about her. And even people on your side of the fence know this and don't like it. That Perdue is able to maintain her grace and composure in the face of these attacks only strengthens her connection to the people of North Carolina. She is one of them and she understands how North Carolinians behave. Clearly, the NC GOP does not.

"the admirable legacy of....."

"..... the admirable legacy of Bev Perdue." - Now THERE's a line you don't see too often.

And "her stock is rising".  ???  Did you buy stock in Solyndra too David?

David, is your glowing praise for Dumplin' repaying a favor or hoping for one?

Bev's Stock Rising

A Poor Strategy For Pat McCrory?

Being from Charlotte, I always wondered why good Charlotte candidates for statewide office from both the major political parties seem to have had such bad luck at election time. One reason might be that some of them have "made their own bad luck," from the Harvey Gantt Senate campaign's selfish takeover of the 1990 9th Congressional District rally, which was supposed to be in support of the Democratic candidate for Congress from that district, to the Pat McCrory campaign's insistence on bashing the remarkable record of outgoing Gov. Beverly Perdue.

Guess what, N.C. GOP: Bev Perdue's stock is rising in North Carolina and nationally as voters and pundits alike realize just what she was able to accomplish in a very stressful political environment in Raleigh these last four years. Sometimes, after one party has been in power for a lot of years as in the case of the Democrats' nearly 20-year run on Blount Street since Republican Gov. Jim Martin left office in 1993, even people who prefer one party often choose to "give the other party a chance."

But thanks to the continuing Republican flailing of the impressive record of our outgoing governor, a woman of grace, class, determination and political courage, more and more Democrats may think twice about turning against the admirable legacy of Beverly Perdue and thus give yet another promising Democrat, Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton, the chance to provide more pragmatic, progressive and visionary leadership initiatives for the people of the Old North State in the next four years.

David P. McKnight



Very well!

North Carolina has done very well during the recession under Perdue. I wish she was running for a second term. Where as the Republican run NC congress has done nothing to help NC citizens. All they want to do is remove taxes from their companies and lower wages.

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