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GOP: Tax plan is bait and switch

The head of the N.C. Republican Party said the Senate tax plan is a "classic scam."

Chairwoman Linda Daves said today that a plan from Senate Democrats to reduce the sales tax while expanding it to cover services is "bait and switch."

"Pretend to be reducing taxes by slight increments while at the same time creating new taxes to raise more revenue than ever before," she said in a statement. "They hope that we will not notice as our overall tax burden is increased by $600 million."

The proposal, expected to be discussed today, is a version of a recent plan to modernize the tax code put forward by a bipartisan committee from the Institute for Emerging Issues.

The GOP's reaction is the first sign that the Senate debate will be more partisan.


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Re: GOP: Tax plan is bait and switch

Democrats make this statement so easy.

"Tax and spend Democrats".

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