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GOP targets Obama in North Carolina

Republican National Chairman Reince Priebus  said this morning that the party's ad campaign in North Carolina underscores that the Tar Heel state will be a key presidential battleground in 2012.

“North Carolina is a top battle ground state in 2012 and a state that we expect we fully to carry and turn red as it should be all along,” Priebus said in a teleconference.

The RNC began running an ad in North Carolina and other contested states that criticizes President Barack Obama's economic record, and illustrates it with a car careening out of control before finally crashing into the ocean.

“We have an economy that is completely in the ditch under President Obama,” Priebus said. “We have out of control debt that is becoming an avalanche on our kids and grandkids...We have a president who has done nothing to curb unemployment in this country.”

Priebus declined to describe the size of the buy either nationally or in the state, but said it was being bought on cable and on the internet and would run a month.

He was joined in the teleconference by state GOP Chairman Robin Hayes, who criticized the record of Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue, who also faces re-election next year.

“Gov. Perdue calls herself the jobs governor but its' clear that the jobs governor's plan is not working,” Hayes said. “Unemployment in North Carolina has remained at 9.7 percent for three straight months.  Under Gov. Perdue, North Carolina has lost over 126,000 jobs. Today over 50 percent of North Carolina's counties have an unemployment rate of over 10 percent.


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Better Off with Obama

I agree wholeheartedly with your 10 reasons.  We have a President who cares about "the people," who is in touch with the lives of everyday people, who is fulfilling the vision of the founding fathers -- we hold these truths to be self evident that all men--and women--are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.

Thank you, MM.


Seems like Hayes forgets that the legislature campaigned promising jobs.  Instead all they have done is cut taxes on the rich (Robin is pleased) and cut services for the people (Robin is pleased).  Perdue cannot do much with a legislature that is filled with hate and loathing for her and half the registered voters.  The Republicans brought in sufficient money to purchase the legislature.  The entire Republican party, with its tea party and hyper religious rightwing fringe, backed by the money of corporations and extremely wealthy people have villified Obama from November 2008, before he was inaugurated (think Swiftboat with all its lies and outrageous claims) and actively fought any Democratic agenda item.  The Republican House and Senate took up the mission of getting Obama out of office as soon as possible.  They would go through another impeachment if they thought they could do it.  The Republican camp is filled with hatred, fear, contempt.  They signed a deal with the fanatic rightwing fringe of American politics and now have to ride the tiger.  What amazes me totally is their ability through of lies, the rightwing echo chamber, etc., all financed by the Kochs, Murdoch, Bradleys, to get average people to vote against their own interests.  Faux Noose is a branch of the Republican party.  Hayes is a rich guy, and he does not give a hoot about anybody, except other rich people.  To have him imply he is talking for anyone but the rich is a lie of monumental proportions.  Add Art Pope to the mix, as someone who is a director of Americans for the Prosperous and a funder of the Republican extreme rightwing.  The fact is, the real fight is not right versus left, it is wealthy vs the middleclass, and as Warren Buffett said, "My side is winning (the classwarfare)."  We need greatly need repair of infrastructure - the wealthy do not care, not their problem.  We need to take care of people who are sick, disabled and wounded. Not their problem.  You all have placed the tiller of the ship in the hands of jihadists more deadly than the Taliban, expect those results.

Better off under Obama!

Top ten ways you are better off under Obama:

1.  You have a job in the world's richest economy.

2.  You have a home in the world's richest nation.

3.  You have affordable health care for the first time in US history.

4. You have a solvent bank and a solvent banking system instead of a bankrupt financial system.

5.  You have a stock portfolio worth twice what it was in the Bush Bust of 2008-09.

6. Your nation is withdrawing from two wasteful and counterproductive Republican wars.

7. Your nation has stopped torturing people in secret prisons from Guantanamo to Afghanistan.

8. Gays in the military are no longer the victims of systematic discrimination.

9.  America's standing in the world soars above the dark days of Bush-Cheney.

10.  Osama Bin Laden is no longer lurking in the shadows to plant bombs in your back yard.

Better off under Obama?

Top ten ways you may be better off under Obama:

10.  You had a rich uncle die and leave you flush.

9.  You got hired in the Fed surge (in hiring).

8.  Obama really is paying your mortgage.

7.  You work for the unemployment commission and business keeps getting better and better and better.

6.  You make Lanvin shoes.

5.  You sell the Prez golf balls.

4.  You joined a union.

3.  You quit a union.

2.  You have abandoned all hope and accepted your wretchedness.

And the number one reason you may be better off under Obama:

1.  You don't live in the United States.

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