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GOP says not supporting fracking is an 'extreme agenda'

Democrats often use the word "extreme" to describe the Republican legislative agenda. But now Republicans are throwing it back at them. 

In one of the most over-the-top mailers so far, state GOP sent attacking Democratic House candidate Jim Messina said he "supports an extreme agenda that rejects modern scientific fact and will ultimately kill economic expansion in North Carolina." The GOP put a colander on Messina's head to make him look like a crazy conspiracy theorist. 

It refers to Messina's opposition to fracking until it is proven safe. The flier also said if the state doesn't allow drilling for natural gas and oil in North Carolina gas prices would "skyrocket," a questionable assertion. Messina faces state Rep. Tom Murry in the election.


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Hilarious Jim Messina ad, clever and effective!

drill baby drill!   fast as we can!

Fracking is the Extreme Agenda

Fracking will destroy environmental resources and endanger water supplies while creating only a tiny handful of jobs.  The only rational for fracking?  Profits for major energy corporations.  Fracking is absolutely anti-scientific and anti-American.

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