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GOP rival challenges Pat McCrory to a debate

The major Democratic candidates have held countless forums and three live TV debates. The Republicans? None.

Sure, former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory is the presumptive GOP nominee. And yes, his challengers are mounting low-budget, low-visibility campaigns. But at least one Republican rival is challenging McCrory to a debate.

Paul Wright, a former Superior Court judge, is positioning himself as the real conservative in the race. And he is worried conservatives are being neglected as McCrory focuses on a November matchup against the Democrats.

"What's good for Democrats is good for Republican voters," he said of debates. "I do think some of the positions that are dear to the conservatives won't even get heard without a debate."

Wright invited McCrory to a debate days ago but McCrory declined. No media organization has stepped forward to offer the debate. It's worth noting not all Democrats were included in the TV debates but some forums featured most of the candidates.

McCrory's campaign spokesman Brian Nick responded -- by focusing on November: "The three Democrats running for governor have been auditioning for the role of who is best to continue the failed policies of Governor Perdue. In contrast, Pat will continue to travel the state to discuss his successful record of working with Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, as well as his plan to fix our state's broken economy, broken government, and bring about the necessary reforms to our education system."


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We need a conservative candidate!

McCrory was elected 7 times in a democrat city!   He is a milktoast moderate, not

a 'conservative' he has Duke Power in his back pocket...

Cant we do better than this in NC?

Debate? Yes!

The Democrat candidates are in the media daily and its beginning to get a little old as they are so similiar on their issues and their vision. Now it appears the Republicans have at least two candidates with a different visions for North Carolina. So let's hear them and decide.

Republicans NEED to debate

There are many conservative issues that are just not being discussed except by Paul Wright and need to be addressed.  A debate between the two leading Republican candidates Pat McCrory and Paul Wright would be good for the Republican voters as they decide which candidate best represents their views.  The Democrats had a good series of debates and discussed the issues and its time for the Republicans to do the same.  

I hope it happens

I hope the media will make it happen. If McCrory is afraid to debate now then how will he be in the general election. He should use this as practice. 

Republican debate good idea

Lot's of conservatives, and Democrats also, would love to see a good debate between these two. Maybe someone in the media will now run with the idea.

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