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GOP memo: The numbers portend weaknesses for Democrats

The 2012 talking points are flying fast and furious early this campaign season as each side jockey's to frame the picture and crystalize the debate with data.

Raleigh Republican consultant Marc Rotterman, whose firm advised Newt Gingrich, recently sent this political memo outlining his take on what it all means in North Carolina. Take a look.


To: Conservative and Republican candidates and Interested Parties

From: Marc Rotterman

Talking points for 2012

Thought it might be helpful to those in the arena and in the campaigns to have access to a set of facts that the democrats will have a hard time defending.

1. We have a leadership deficit in the White House and in the Governor’s mansion that has resulted in a jobs recession.

2. Excessive regulations and uncertain tax policies are stifling small businesses.

3. Obama’s policies have failed: The stimulus didn’t work, he has no plan for the economy and no vision for the future — and so all he can do now is go negative and attack Romney.

The same applies to Walter Dalton.

He can’t defend the Perdue/Dalton economic record. Therefore he is forced to attack Mayor McCrory

4.  Numbers don’t lie.

5. Since Obama took office in 2009 we have had 36 straight months of unemployment over 8%.

6. Thirteen million Americans are without jobs. And about six million — approaching half — have been without jobs for than six months.

7. Young Americans just starting out in life are being hit particularly hard. Last summer, for example the country experienced the lowest share of 16-24 year olds employed in nearly 60 years.

8.  Minorities are being hit particularly hard.

9.  African-American unemployment was at 13.6% in January and has been at that level or above for three years. African American teenage unemployment has consistently been at 40% or above. So, African Americans have been suffering what amounts to a job depression under the current administration.

10.  Hispanic unemployment — currently at 10.5% –has been in double digits for three years now. And the Hispanic youth unemployment is nearly 27%. Hispanics too are suffering a Jobs depression under President Obama.

11. Under Obama’s failed policies, the federal government has added 5 trillion and counting to the national debt.

12. The Stakes:

Here’s what’s coming in new taxes and regulations if President Obama is reelected.

A .Huge new across-the-board income tax increases.

B. Tax rates for our best job creators — small business –will go up as much as 20%

C. Capital gains taxes going up 60%

D. Taxes on dividends will triple.

E. Medicare taxes up by 26% on targeted taxpayers.

F. The death tax will go all the way up to 55%

13. NC unemployment rate is currently 9.4%, more than a point above the national average.

14. As of May 2012, NC has seen more than 41 months of unemployment of 9% or above.

The Perdue/Dalton solution more taxes more spending.

15. As of April 2012, nearly half a million– 439, 368 — of our fellow North Carolinians are unemployed.

16. North Carolinians have a strong work ethic, but the Obama/ Dalton tax and spend agenda is killing jobs and hurting families.

17. Hat’s off to NC Republican controlled general assembly for working towards a balanced budget with no tax increases, getting government off the backs of businesses and reforming education.

18. When President Obama was inaugurated, gas prices were an average of $1.92 per gallon. Today NC families and small businesses pay an average of $3.59 a gallon every time they go to pump.

Marc Rotterman is Public affairs Consultant based in Raleigh NC and Washington, DC



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In the end

In the end I think the state will support the Obama-Perdue-Dalton team.  We here in North Carolina have gotten used to having it bad so I do not think we will want to make any changes.  Let's drag it out for four more years! 


You must realize that George Bush isn't running for any office, the democrats can't win by using George's record, they can only lose by there own record. That blame bush game worked last time for o.........However this time the people will see right through him and his party's agenda. The blame game is a pathetic strategy for your party to still be playing 4 yrs after taking over.  Your party should be talking about all the great accomplishments it has had over the last 4 yrs...ooopps there wasn't any accomplishments, other than being the party that came closer to bankrupting and socializing our country than anyone ever had.....aaaa.. comrade.. Your rhetoric is a JOKE

Republicans took over the

Republicans took over the government in 2001 from President Clinton when the budget was balanced, we were running a surplus and paying down the deficit. Unemployment was 4% and we were at peace. The country enjoyed the greatest economic growth from 1997-2000 in it's history.

George W. took over and handed us the job losses of 700,000 per month, the worst recession in the history of the country, a failed war in Iraq with over 5,000 lives lost and unemployment of 9%. Not to mention that Condi Rice handed him a memo in August 2001 that said terrorists were going to hijack planes and crash them into buildings and he totally ignored it.

W's own Treasury Secretary had to beg Congress for a trillion dollars to bail out wall Street in Oct. 2008.

I just can't believe that Pat McCrory who works for one of the most active lobbying firms in the state will bring reforms to Raleigh.


Dems kicked out of house in 2010 due to Bev, etc.

Keep in mind that the reason that the republicans took over the house in 2010 was due to the corruption & ineptitude of Bev and the public getting tired of the good old boy democrats in the NC legislature. No one to blame but yourselves.  Given what happened in Wisconsin, it appears that the public continues to be tired of overspending and over control by the dems and their unions.  Wally (the Owl) Dalton is just another tax, spend & cheat dem.

Last time I checked Speaker

Last time I checked Speaker Tillis  and his merry band of carousing staff were in charge of the legislature for the past two years. If they spent more time working to create jobs instead of sleeping with married lobbyists we might be a little better off.


Yep that's all true

And that is why the republicans will sweep the elections.

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