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GOP lawmaker wants to block lottery sales to those on public assistance

State lawmakers are discussing draft legislation that would prohibit lottery retailers from knowingly selling tickets to customers who receive public assistance, such as food stamps, or are in bankruptcy, Pat Gannon at the Insider reports. "We're giving them welfare to help them live, and yet by selling them a ticket, we're taking away their money that is there to provide them the barest of necessities," said Rep. Paul "Skip" Stam, R-Wake. He acknowledged it would be difficult for lottery clerks to know whether players get government help. But he suggested that in obvious cases, such as when customers pay for groceries with food stamps, they shouldn't be allowed to buy lottery tickets at the same time.

Stam said that idea is one of several pertaining to the N.C. Education Lottery that may be considered during the coming legislative session. Most, he said, have to do with requiring the lottery to be "truthful" in its advertising. Stam said the proposals are aimed at protecting consumers. He added that there is no talk about repealing the lottery and that proceeds would still go toward education. "What they're talking about is making it a more honest lottery," he said.

Stam talked at length about how he believes the lottery attracts players of modest means who may not understand the odds. He said he believes many lottery ads are deceptive because they don't state the probabilities of winning particular prize amounts. The lottery advertises large cash payouts, he said, but the actual prizes are smaller after taxes and other deductions. The fact that the lottery doesn't give the actual values of prizes when advertising larger amounts is "just fraudulent," he said.

Another proposal would remove the word "Education" from N.C. Education Lottery for advertising purposes. Stam said the word "education" shouldn't be used to sell "something that is essentially a scam," especially because lottery proceeds account for a small percentage of state education funding. "It's just inappropriate to take what is a very important function of state government ... and use that as a selling point, when obviously the more educated you are, the less likely you are to play the lottery," he said.

Alice Garland, the lottery executive director, said last week that she believed taking "Education" out of the title would cut into lottery sales. Van Denton, a lottery spokesman, said lottery officials haven't fully reviewed all of the legislative proposals to gauge the impacts. The lottery tries to keep up with best practices in the industry, he said. "We work hard to make sure players have the information they need to play the lottery ... and to make good choices about how to spend their money," Denton said.

In late 2011, the lottery received a certification from the World Lottery Association for its "responsible gaming program," in part because each lottery ticket includes a "Play Responsibly" message, along with a phone number for a gambling hotline. The lottery also prints the estimated odds of winning a break-even prize on each ticket. Although the odds of winning each different prize amount aren't listed on each ticket, they are available on the lottery website and in the lottery "play centers" at retail locations. The lottery also publishes on its website the number of prizes remaining at all prize levels in scratch-off games.


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Calls for Constitutional Amendment

A bill requiring all candidates for elected office to meet federal guidelines on height & weight. Voters would also have to meet same requirements. You guys are onto something here.

Yes, lard buckets eat on tax payer $$$

This obese sack of lard needs his food allocated SPARINGLY, until he resembles a human in size.


I am tired of obese politicians eating more lard to add to their sickening obesity. NO fat, sugar or starch until he is at a human weight. TAXPAYERS are being cheated, this sack of grease eats for six people.

STAM, only low fat for OBESE politicians eating on tax payer $$$

NO high fat, high sugar, or starches for obese buckets of lard like Stam. He eats on tax payer money. Until he loses at least 80 lbs, limit his diet!

Those on public assistance merely want to help education

Welfare recipients are not buying lottery tickets for a chance at winning. No, they are supporting education in North Carolina. Let them spend their hard earned money supporting education. In the long run we all win. It is the end result that matters. Welfare money being recycled into the lottery goes to strengthening education. It is a win-win situation.

Stam and the boys worry about too many things!

First of all they (the GOP) got into a panic and had to come down on the gays and pass a stupid amendment against them living their own lives (which will eventually be overturned on the federal level). Now they are worrying about people playing the lottery.

Since Stam is a lawyer, you would think that he would know that North Carolina already has a million laws on the books that it can't/doesn't enforce. So why add another?

And speaking of being on the public penny, is that what we're paying our lawmakers in Raleigh to do? Try to conjure up more laws do invade people's personal lives?

I want my money back...


I just can't believed what I just read here. What business does the government has with people Hope and future. There are some people out there does not want any kind of Hand - Out; But for some reason, they just got up in a Maze and trying to get out. So, they have to sacrifice their pride and dignity to accept this "Hand - Out" which is called Welfare so they can feed their family.
Okay, here comes this wonderful Game called the lottery to give some people hope so they can give their family the life and education that they can't give themselves. Just by having some luck and one dollar bill to hit a big sum of money. And you Mr. Stam and lawmakers , you have no right to be interfering with people hope and dreams. In my opinion I don't like your decision. Take that slavery mess some else.

This is one of the best

This is one of the best ideas that I have heard in a long time. The lottery is a joke with very little educational ties to it at all and personaly I would love to see the word Education removed from it. It takes no education to see that the real people who profit from it are the people who work for the lottery commission and the state attorneys who lobbied for it. As for as keeping people on gov. assistance from being able to play thats a great idea as well, it may be hard to impliment.

Republicans want law to ban them from buying lotto tickets...

You see, they don't want folks on "public assistance" to be able to buy lotto tickets. This is one of the big fish they are frying these days, abusing people on "public assistance".

By my reckoning, elected Republicans are on the public dole themselves and highly over paid at that. They shouldn't be allowed to buy lotto tickets, they should be drug tested every pay day, they should only be allowed to have one (1) bw 12" TV.

Picking on people and groups that cannot defend themselves is rampant among Republican haters.

Unfortunately, hate still gets a lot of votes.

Why is Rep. Stam obsessed

Why is Rep. Stam obsessed with proposed laws that are either extremely difficult to enforce or are virtually meaningless? This proposal is Exhibit A. And why would he want to impose another regulatory burden on businesses (the stores selling the tickets)? I thought Republicans hated that kind of thing.
Exhibit B is the proposed law banning abortion for the purpose of selecting a child's gender. Talk about a law that would be a waste of ink! Anyone wanting to have an abortion can just make up a different reason other than gender. Unless Rep. Stam wants to equip all doctors with polygraphs and/or mind-reading devices. Again, that sounds like big government.

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