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GOP files complaint against Cowell

The state Republican Party is filing a complaint with the N.C. State Ethics Commission against state Sen. Janet Cowell over allegations that she used her state office for campaign business.

A former staffer for Cowell said that she had members of her staff contact a Dell computer lobbyist to fix a campaign laptop, Mark Johnson reports.  And the manager of her campaign for state Treasurer exerted influence over her official duties to benefit her campaign.

Cowell faces Republican state Rep. Bill Daughtridge in the race for Treasurer.

State Republican Party Chairwoman Linda Daves said the incidents should give voters pause about Cowell. 

"The State Treasurer is entrusted with state pensions and must have integrity that is beyond reproach," Daves said.

Cowell dismissed the claims as a last-minute, partisan attack.

"I am shocked and disappointed that a disgruntled former employee who resigned half a year ago would make unfounded and untrue allegations three days before an election. These unfounded and untrue allegations are now being used in a desperate, last minute partisan attack," she said in a statement. "We have looked into the matter and feel confident that everything possible was done to ensure that there was a clear separation between the campaign and Senate staffs."


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Re: GOP files complaint against Cowell

I talked to Bill Daughtridge & he knows nothing about this article or where it came from. Seems like the N & O was just doing their job in reporting the news, along with the Charlotte Observer, The Greensboro News & Record, etc.
If they didn't think the information was relevant or true I'm sure papers of their stature would have never printed it.
Looks like Cowell should be blaming herself...not the GOP for her unethical behavior. Like Daves said....The NC Treasurer must be 1000% clean.
Voters are not stupid. Cowells "misbehavior" is just part of the ongoing corruption in state government that taxpayers are sick of!!!!

Re: GOP files complaint against Cowell

I cannot believe the low down dirt coming from the GOP these days. I thought the attack on Hagan was so over the top that the whole GOP party would crawl under a rock to hide for shame, but their desperation is still making them crazy.

Janet Cowell is well known as one of the most conscientious, honest politicians we've seen for years in this town. I'm so proud to vote for her and think everyone who cares about clean government should.

Re: GOP files complaint against Cowell

I consider myself very fortunate to have been represented by Janet Cowell in the City Council and the State Senate where she worked tirelessly, selflessly and thoughtfully to serve her constituents. She's the best choice for Treasurer. I only wish I could vote for Janet Cowell for Governor!

Re: GOP files complaint against Cowell

I read this blog often but my first post is out of disbelief. This situation is beyond ridiculous. I have been a senior Human Resources professional for a number of years and have seen this scenario play out, time and time again with former employees . 99.9% of the time these "smear quests" are nothing more than jealousy of another person's success and lack in their own life. I am very sad for Ms Johnson and she should consider counseling to deal with her issues. I would have thought Mark Johnson would have better vetted this information before printing such nonsense.

GOP is losing badly

Daughtridge's experience is buddying up with oil friends and pressuring state agencies to kow-tow to them.

This is pathetic on the part of Daves but it sure shows us what a big boy little Billy is! What kind of ethics does he have to permit the filing of false accusations against a person he KNOWS to be absolutely ethical?

You guys are just incredible.


I have watched Janet Cowell since she sat on our city council and throughout her time in our state senate. She is one of the very few, rare legislators that I would bet my money on for being a straight shooter and as well as an extremely intelligent and energetic public servant.

The GOP party in North Carolina is imploding from within with this kind of cheap, rotten, last minute attack. No one who has observed Ms. Cowell or worked with her can honestly impugn her integrity.

And furthermore

In the private sector Janet worked as a securities analyst, as consultant to Fortune 500 companies, and as a business development professional specializing in clean technology startups. She earned an MBA at Wharton. She was a consultant to the Department of Defense, the Federal Highway Administration and many cities and towns around NC.

Janet has real experience and real integrity.

Re: GOP files complaint against Cowell

At least Bill Daughtridge has REAL experience with money.

Cowell is clean as a whistle

Holy act of desperation. This has got to be the absolute LIMIT crazy.

To suggest that a ridiculously small spat between a disgruntled former staffer and Cowell's campaign manager, whose relative youth was probably as annoying to her as his access to "her" boss, is worthy of a complaint with the State Ethics Commission is pathetic.

Daughtridge couldn't campaign on his record, accomplishments or ability, so he's trying to exploit an angry former friend with an axe to grind in the hope that voters are going to decide Cowell is a crook?

Cowell has one of the cleanest reputations in Raleigh, Wake County and the State of North Carolina. Have the GOPers gone NUTS? First we have DOLE calling Hagan godless and now we have Daughtridge trying to accuse Cowell of being unethical? Daves has no conscience and neither does her party.

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