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GOP ad ties McIntyre to Obama, stimulus

The GOP wants North Carolina voters to think of the state's struggling economy and President Barack Obama's economic policies when they hear Rep. Mike McIntyre's name.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has released a new TV ad slamming McIntyre, the Democrat seeking reelection to Congress from North Carolina's 7th District, for working to pass a stimulus plan supported by Obama that "created jobs in China" and "provided billions in bonuses for Wall Street executives.

McIntyre opposes Republican state Sen. David Rouzer in the race.

Watch the ad and read the transcript below:


Forty three straight months of unemployment over nine percent.

444,000 North Carolinians out of work.

Mike McIntyre’s jobs plan? McIntyre supports Obama’s wasteful stimulus.

Billions of taxpayer dollars to foreign companies.

Creating jobs in China.

Millions more in bonuses for Wall Street executives.

Mike McIntyre, Bonuses for Wall Street, jobs outsourced overseas, fewer jobs for us.


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Where do the Rs get their information? Are they Karl Rove's dreams? Cong. McIntyre's voting record is insulting to Ds. He is a DINO.

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