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Goodwin builds 'suggestion box'

Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin has launched an online "suggestion box."

As he explains on his Wayne's World blog, the feature is the next step in a series of moves meant to make the N.C. Department of Insurance more accessible. In Goodwin's first year in office, the department added a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, and an RSS feed.

Government transparency is very important to me. Throughout my administration I have greatly improved public participation by North Carolina consumers, families and businesses in the work of the Department of Insurance. In addition to public comment periods and greater emphasis on public hearings and a revamped website and social networking by the NCDOI, I'm very pleased to introduce the Suggestion Box.

The "box" is actually a form to fill in on the Web, but you get the idea. 


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Re: Goodwin builds 'suggestion box'

Transparency has NO MEANING to democrackkks everywhere...

Re: Goodwin builds 'suggestion box'

This guy's a Democrat,right? A North Carolina Democrat, right?

And he is preaching transparency,right?

Ha ha ha hah hahah ha....that's a good one!
Keep'em coming Wayneboy....I'll bet you got a million of them.

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