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Goodnight bemoans state budget

Back in October, state Sen. Phil Berger raised more than $300,000 at a fundraiser at the Cary home of Jim and Ann Goodnight of SAS. Dome is thinking that Ann Goodnight, at least, may be regretting that decision.

In a letter to the editor in Tuesday's N&O, she laments the legislature's "glaring lack of support for education."

She calls the state budget "an embarrassment in its lack of investment in the skills and competititiveness of its people. This is a grievous mistake."


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Goodnight bemoans state budget

Much of our success as a state has come from business leaders standing up for what matters. That's how Gov. Hunt brought republicans and democrats together to build an amazing success called North Carolina. They understood that we needed great schools and good infrastructure to attract great companies. And it worked. The Goodnights have a long history of being a part of that long term thinking. Kudos to Ann Goodnight for having the courage to call it like she sees it. To criticize her for past support misses the point. I can assure you there are a lot of republicans and democrats who voted for this team, but not for what they delivered. It will take many to get us back on track. Our future is not chasing the low wage, low tax vision. That's not smart and it wont take us were we want to go.

Erv Portman

The future we want requires our work to make it a reality, without that we will live someone else's

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