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Here at Dome we've been working furiously to get to know Gov.-elect Beverly Perdue's 10 cabinet secretaries. And while we aren't experts yet, we've found a few facts that we find intriguing. Test your knowledge with our quiz.

The secretaries are: Lanier Cansler (HHS), Linda Carlisle (Cultural Resources), Britt Cobb (Administration), Gene Conti (DOT), Keith Crisco (Commerce), Dee Freeman (DENR), Linda Wheeler Hayes (Juvenile Justice) Al Keller (Correction), Kenneth Lay (Revenue) and Reuben Young (Crime Control).

— Which secretary holds a Ph.D. in anthropology?

— The new cabinet job is the first government post (local, state, federal) for this secretary.

— Only one of Perdue's new cabinet secretaries was a Tar Heel of the Week in The News & Observer. Which secretary was featured in the 2002 story?

— This secretary is the only member of the cabinet to have run for statewide office.

— The 4-H honored this secretary in 2000 for outstanding alumni work.

— This secretary was formerly an assistant attorney general for the state of Texas.

— Which secretary, known for fundraising prowess, helped the Girl Scouts' Tarheel Triad Council raise $7 million for a new campus?

— This cabinet secretary was a White House Fellow from 1970 to 1971.

— A manager of four North Carolina municipalities, this secretary is the Brevard City Manager Emeritus.

— In a former job, this secretary presided over 800 criminal trials.

Answers after the jump.


— Gene Conti received a Ph.D. in anthropology from Duke University in 1971.

— Ken Lay has never held a job or post in government.

— Lanier Cansler was featured in a Tar Heel of the Week written by former staff writer Amy Gardner.

— Britt Cobb was appointed Agriculture Commissioner in the wake of the Meg Scott Phipps scandal and he ran unsuccessfully for the office in 2005.

— Linda Wheeler Hayes was recognized for her contributions to 4-H.

— Reuben Young was a assistant attorney general for the state of Texas.

— Linda Carlisle is an active civic and political fundraiser.

— Keith Crisco was a White House Fellow who served as assistant to the Secretary for Commerce.

— Dee Freeman was a city manager for Brevard.

— Al Keller is a retired Marine colonel who was a chief circuit military judge.


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