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George Holding appears to nap while presiding over shutdown debate

Raleigh Congressman George Holding found a few moments to get a nap Thursday -- while he was presiding over the U.S. House.

A C-SPAN camera caught Holding, a Republican, napping in the big chair on the dais as Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas railed against the federal health care law.

An image of Holding's nap is now making the rounds on the Internet and cable TV. The New York Daily News wrote: "One Congressman is finding the whole government shutdown a total snoozefest. ... The Texan's soft-spoken drawl must have been a soothing sound to the North Carolina Republican, who rested his head in his hand to catch up on some shuteye during Gohmert's nearly 45 minute speech."


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Not sleeping...

He is just thinking "Good God I wish Gohmert would just shut up! I can't believe he is the public face of my party. This is humiliating...."

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