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General Assembly to take up redistricting next week

Dome is hearing that the General Assembly will be back in session on Monday to deal with technical corrections to the redistricting bills. Whether anything else will come up is still under discussion.

Legislators had set aside the week for any redistricting issues that might need attention. But they had been saying they didn't think it would be necessary, until it was recently discovered that a computer glitch had left more than 220 areas of the state out of the redistricting plan.

Still, the feds gave their "pre-approval" to the Republican-drawn maps, which as expected, generated lawsuits before the week was out. But it's the software screw-up that would need to be addressed by the legislature next week.

Meanwhile, when they adjourned in September, the General Assembly left the door open to take up a long list of issues. Whether that will happen is still being hashed out in the offices of the leadership.

UPDATE: House Speaker Thom Tillis on WPTF 680 radio this afternoon told host Bill LuMaye that lawmakers would return to make "purely technical corrections" to the redistricting bills. Except ...

"If we have a chance to do a few other administrative matters while we're in town, we'll do it," he added. "But  it will be a very short session." 

 Does that clear up everything? Anything?

UPDATE: The House just posted its calendar, which includes consideration of five vetoed bills. But that's likely just a formality. They also calendared those bills in the September session without taking any action on them. (The bills are voter ID, offshore drilling, teachers union dues checkoff, community college federal loan opt-out and a more obscure local water supply line issue.)

The calendar calls for convening at noon, and then taking up the redistricting bills in a committee at 1:30 p.m.

UPDATE: Senate Rules Committee schedules an 8 p.m. Monday meeting to fashion an adjournment resolution. So, does that mean a two-day session?

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