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Gary Pearce says Randy Voller should resign as Democratic Party chairman

Democratic strategist Gary Pearce says N.C. Democratic Party Chairman Randy Voller needs to resign after the disclosure Wednesday that he owes back taxes.

On his blog Talking Politics, Pearce offers Voller some advice: "The best thing you can do for your party, state and country is resign, go back to work and pay off your taxes."

"It’s admirable that you owned up to the problem and are paying off what you owe," continued Pearce, a former aide to Gov. Jim Hunt. "But it won’t wash to say: 'That's why I feel that as party chair I have a real good insight into what a lot of folks are dealing with here in North Carolina.'
"No, Mister Chairman, most folks in North Carolina don’t owe $290,000 in unpaid taxes and penalties. Please go. There are more important things to talk about.

As the Associated Press reported, Voller owes nearly $290,000 in back taxes and penalties, according to liens filed by the N.C. Department of Revenue and IRS. Voller said his real estate development business was crippled by the economic downturn and he is making payments to settle the debt by the end of the year.

Voller won the party chairmanship earlier this year when the only other candidate left the race for family reasons and still narrowly beat an effort to draft a candidate who wasn't interested in the post. Voller represents the activist faction of the party, which often splits with the party establishment.


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Tax Day

It is that time of year that we need to all step up and pay our tax bill. The federal and state governments need for each of us to meet our responsibility as a citizen so that our state and nation can move forward. We should put aside partisan politics and pay our bill promptly. Let us not fail our Governor. Let us not fail our President.

I suppose Voller is going to hang on like Parker

The North Carolina Democratic Party needs a reality tv show. They sure do have a lot going on.

NC democrat woods are full of tax avoidance

its a natural occurance esp. within the minority democrackkk ranks! highly prevalent!

Gary is wrong, Gary is right, Gary is wrong, Gary is right

That is the problem. The Democrats will concentrate on Voller's tax problem rather than electing Democrats. It is a fight that does not need fighting. And this tax problem comes on top of the "close-talking incident" at State Party Headquarters. But in a way it does bring taxes to the forefront. However, if you are late paying your taxes and then the Democrats raise the tax rates doesn't that make it harder to catch up?

Gary is as wrong as wrong can be.

Since when has it been irresponsible to pay the unpaid taxes owed by a corporation once owned and controlled by your dead father?


There is no honor in poor planning. He earned money, he was taxed on his earnings, he didn't pay the tax. Everything else is just an excuse. I'm a die hard Dem but I'm no sheep. This is not the kind of leadership that will bring the party out of the mess they followed David Parker into. The political player wannabes and party groupies will sing Voller's praises but the masses of Democratic voters will think he is neither a hero nor a leader.

Mallie writes: Randy Voller is a great American hero.

So if those who are in arrears paying their income tax are great American heroes, then what does it make us who actually pay our taxes on time?

You present an interesting argument. Not paying your taxes makes you a great American hero. This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when George did the exact opposite of everything he thought he should do. Night was day and cold was hot.

I am sure the Republicans agree with you wholeheartedly. Put the individual above the party even if we lose what little seats we have.

I will never be a great American hero because I have always paid my income tax to the federal government and the state government on time. It just seems to me to be the patriotic thing to do. How can the government operate if we all fail to pay taxes???????????????????

Randy Voller Pays His Taxes

The Democrats are lucky to have a Chair who knows from first hand experience what financial suffering from the Republican Recession is really like. Now I know that Randy Voller can understand my own financial problems. Randy Voller is a great American hero. The very idea that he ought to resign because of the Bush Recession is obviously planted by the Republicans. Civitas and the Locke Foundation owe Gary Pearce a great debt of gratitude. Pearce should send Art Pope, Robin Hayes and John Hood his bill for this sort of service.

It is simply a tax strategy

Republicans send their money to the Caymans to avoid paying taxes. The Democrats have a better plan. They just don't pay.

Whatever works for you.

Justice for Randy

Randy should stay and fight. It is important to show the people that you can owe $286,000 in back taxes and still rise to the top of the North Carolina Democratic Party. It gives hope to the others who are behind in paying their taxes. Of course it would be nice for the governments to have the money. Obama successfully raised taxes but if people don't pay we are back to square one.

It leads one to surmise: The Democrats like raising taxes, they just hate paying them.

This is a news story?

The Dome, in this very paper, "broke" this story weeks ago. One wonders why Gary Pierce seems to find it important now. Could he be responding to the prodding of the disgruntled 'old guard' in the Democratic Party who fought against Randy Voller when he ran for chair? They fight him still; he became the first state chairman the Democrats ever elected with no strings to the previous power structure.

Democrats should recognize Randy Voller as the leader they need right now, to fight the GOP steamroller flattening our state with the agenda of Art Pope and the conservative agenda. The GOP is who would punish the people of this state, remove protective boards and commissions, and fast-track the endangerment of our water, coast and power bills.

There is no 'news' story here. Chatham County has been aware of Randy's tax situation, and supportive of both him and of his late father, Lott Voller, for years. So has the N&O.
He detailed the payment problem many times in the last five years, and has paid a good bit of it off. This is his personal business, and he has handled it very well under severely difficult circumstances. I do not know what the sudden noise is all about, it smacks of weak GOP attack mode nonsense, except it is coming from fellow Democrats.

It has been on his website throughout his campaign. He mentioned it in many speeches and conversations throughout his campaign.

His father, Lott, was a great man, in business with Randy when the great recession hit. Many of their creditors did not pay them, but they paid their bills rather than default. This is to be admired, not criticized. Again, he is in good standing with both the IRS and the NCDR, so what is the problem?

Democrats should quit fighting each other, and unite and learn to win again.
-E. J. Smith

Why now?

While it is not a crime, it is the timing. I know that some in the party were aware of what had happened with Voller and his taxes. I just believe with all of the scandals in the party that we need someone with as clean a record as possible. The average person can't relate to owing that much in taxes as it takes them years of salary to even make that much money.

Considering the party just had a chair with a cloud over him, we cannot afford to have another one considering the shellacking that we just took statewide. The honorable thing to do for the party and those of us who stand by and volunteer with the party is for him to resign. I have heard whispers that some are thinking of starting a spinoff just to avoid this controversy if he remains in his position. We just can't afford that.

Gary Pearce - your "15 minutes" are up!

Gee Gary - Randy already went public with the issue of his taxes and explained the how and the why of why he owes that money. In fact it was rather noble of him to do what he did even though he could have done what many businesses do and just go bankrupt and screw everyone else. But he did not do that. And he still won election as the NCDP Chair based on the strength of his grassroots party skills.

I guess that means no big contracts for well-established fat-cat political consultants - even if they are well-established in their own minds. If you guys and your young apprentices were so good - how come Democrats lost so big in 2010 and 2012?

Gary was one of those political consultants who were behind the push to remove David Parker as NCDP Chair last year - mainly because of the taxpayer check-off and other needed changes that would lighten the pockets of the consultants. They didn't like it when the State Executive Committee voted to reject David's resignation, and clearly they don't like it when the SEC elected a grass-roots guy who literally "locked" them out of Goodwin House.

Randy is up front about his business. He admitted he owes the taxes and is living up to his arrangements to pay them. I guess Gary and his buddies would rather have an NCDP Chair who looks like Caesar's wife - and is nothing but a figurehead for the powers behind the throne - AKA guys like Gary and his consultant buddies.

There is no Party

There is no Party establishment any more - thanks to the incompetance of Bev Perdue and her staff, the Democratic Party was wiped out - fini - embarrassed - extinct - our margins in the legislature are worse that South Carolinaki!

Just think - Bev Perdue came in in 2009 with majorities in both chambers and she and her incompetant staff like britt cobb, marc farinella etc led us to extinction

I agree that Randy Voller should step down and pay his taxes

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