Under the Dome

Gary Pearce: Give the Republicans enough rope

Gary Pearce, a Democratic consultant, writes in his blog, Talking About Politics, about all the GOP legislation.

"A group of Democrats was decrying the blizzard of bad bills they see from the legislature: cutting education, attacking renewable energy, making it harder for teens to get health care, loosening gun restraints, on and on. They were talking about what could be done to slow down the storm or persuade Governor McCrory to exercise some judgment.

"Then one gray-haired veteran threw up his hands in mock horror: “Don’t stop ‘em.” They looked at him like he was crazy. He said, “Seriously. Let them go wild. Don’t do anything to slow them down. In fact, do everything you can to make them go even farther.”

"By now they were sure he was crazy. But he was thinking ahead, to next year’s elections:

“The worse it gets, the more good people will be inspired to run. The more good people will work for them and contribute to them. The more the voters will look a new direction. And the better we’ll do next year.”

"He’s crazy like a fox."


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Give the Republicans enough rope

Yeah, the Republicans are vulnerable in the next election. So what do the Democrats do to prepare? Elect a party chairman who is past due on paying his income taxes.

Of course the Republicans may still be able to win the election if they pay for the rope on time.

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