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Gantt on the 'White Hands' ad

Harvey Gantt says the "White Hands" ad was "political genius."

In the new documentary "Senator No," the former Charlotte mayor talks about his 1990 race against U.S. Sen. Jesse Helms. Toward the end of the campaign, Helms aired an ad that showed a white pair of hands opening a letter.

"You needed that job, and you were the best qualified, but they had to give it to a minority because of a racial quota," an ominous voiceover says in the ad. "Is that really fair? Harvey Gantt says it is."

In an interview years later, Gantt, who is black, says the ad played on a latent fear in the South.

"It dealt with people's worst fears," he said. "In one sense, we thought the ad was political genius. In the other sense, we couldn't believe that someone in 1990 would run an ad like that."

Helms argued the ad was "truthful," and said he believed people shouldn't be denied jobs because of their race either.


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Re: Gantt on the 'White Hands' ad

Right on Harvey, that ad underscores the fact that real racism still remains in our society, and people like Helms and others continue to make race an issue! Honesty, ability, compassion and the desire to make this country a better one, has no color! The fact that many caucasions support Obama is a real FACT! Americans want CHANGE, and most dont care the color of the individual who can delivder it! My father was a college basketbsll coach, my mother an educator, I went to Catholic school, my freinds were many colors,many religions! When i went to public school, I (learned) about racism, it was tought by the teachers and the school system, what a shame and disgrace! Ads such as these have been placed by republicans for a long time, this presidential election will challenge the democratic party, its morals,ethics and moral conscience, lest they use the same old boy technics of republican candidates! RIGHT ON HARVEY!

Re: Gantt on the 'White Hands' ad

Why is/was Harvey Gantt suprised? By 1990, Jesse had been bringing the pork home to NC for well over a decade, and the then rual majority could hide behind the voting booth curtain, if not a hood with eye holes.

However, in 2008 the majority of the campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination might as well have been one big "black/female hands" ad.

Issues? Ideas? Experience? Nah, this is the chance to elect someone other than a white male. Edwards and Ron Paul say we need a change and the media ignored them. Obama and Clinton later say we need change and they get several 24 hour news cycles as leaders with new ideas.

What will Barak and Hillary talk about tommorow? Listen to John Edwards today, if you can.

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