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Gantt endorses Perdue as "real leader"

Former Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt endorsed Beverly Perdue for governor today. He did so, he said, because North Carolina needs "real leaders."

Gantt, speaking at a press conference in Charlotte, praised Perdue's commitment to health care and the environment, reports Peter St. Onge of The Charlotte Observer.

"Most importantly," said Gantt, "we need a leader who understands North Carolina values, who understands what families are talking about when they sit down at the kitchen table."

The endorsement from one of N.C.'s revered black political figures should help Perdue build on her already healthy support from the state's African-Americans, including an endorsement from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Black Political Caucus.

Perdue, who said she considered Gantt "one of North Carolina's great heroes," said she remembered being proud to watch Gantt in his unsuccessful U.S. Senate runs in the 1990s against then Sen. Jesse Helms.

"In rural North Carolina, this urbanite, well-educated, sophisticated guy could sit at anybody's table and relate," Perdue said. "He still remains one of the great political leaders."


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Re: Gantt endorses Perdue as "real leader"

Bev Perdue and Richard Moore are both smart experienced leaders. Either will continue the tradition set forth by Jim Hunt and Mike Easley of sound leadership for North Carolina which results in a AAA bond rating and ranked as the best state to do business. It's tempting to get caught up in the mental midget political posturing of 30-second ads painting villians out of decades of service. Raising above the rhetorical flack- both have done a great job- Bev leading the Senate & as Lt. Governor and Richard as State Treasurer. I will support Bev Perdue for Governor as the best candidate of two quality candidates. She has brokered tough legislation through the state legislature and she has played a key role in Easley's administration not only saving our military bases but drastically increasing our number of military personnel and ordinance and flight squadrons which represent and incredible multipler of economic growth for decades going forward in this state. GO Bev. We are with you!

Re: Gantt endorses Perdue as "real leader"



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