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Former speaker's wife dies

Betty Black, the wife of former state House of Representatives Speaker Jim Black, has died, it was announced on the House floor this afternoon. She suffered from ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig Disease.

In 2007, Jim Black was sentenced to federal prison on corruption charges. He was released last fall. In 2009, he sough early release because of his own poor health and because of his wife's.


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re: charges of corruption charges against the fomer speaker

 I f he was only sentenced to prison for corruption charges then they need to in all probablity  need to round up the entire nc state legisture an the nc senate as well an last but not the least they definelty need to round up our wonderful governor dumpling  for in my persoanl estimation an my opinion there is corruption that is an has been running rampant for years an years within the ncdot an no one is willing to even address these issues an to take any kinds of real corrective actions to really correct these issues within the nc state government.. for if they would really address these issue then just perhap the state govenrment treasury coffers would not be totaly empty as thay have attempted to convince the states state employees that they are indeed broke  thank you

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