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Former Rep. Gabby Giffords, husband confirmed for Raleigh visit Sunday


As Dome reported last Sunday, former Arizona Congresswoman and shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, retired astronaut and combat veteran Mark Kelly, will wrap up their seven-day, seven-state tour across the country in Raleigh on Sunday.

Details have been withheld until Friday night, and even now the precise location has not been publicly disclosed. Reporters will be given information once they are confirmed.

All that's known now is Giffords and Kelly will go shooting at a local sporting clay range in the morning, followed by a roundtable discussion with gun owners, and then a picnic with local members of their gun-control group, Americans for Responsible Solutions. The couple will meet with reporters after the roundtable.

Giffords and Kelly have targeted states to generate support for expanded background checks for gun purchases. The Washington Post reported that they are visiting states to thank congressional representatives for their position on the issue, or to put pressure on them to support the checks.

The couple is spreading the message that polling shows large majorities of Americans favor expanded background checks, regardless of party affiliation. Their group promotes Second Amendment rights but stronger laws to prevent gun violence.

Update: Paul Valone, president of the gun-rights group Grass Roots North Carolina, on Saturday afternoon chided the couple for keeping their itinerary secret.

He announced a game of "Where's Gabby?" and offered 100 rounds of semi-automatic weapon ammunition for free to the first person who figures out where the Raleigh shooting range is.


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What part of 'well regulated' do you gun nuts not understand?

Thank you for proving her point

Amazing. Someone shot by a lunatic with easy access to a gun recommends background checks and the NRA fringe shows up to scream about guns, freedom and 'Merica. Guess NC is chock full of people that can't pass a background check because they're mentally ill or have a criminal record.

Don't believe the lies

How are they planning "a roundtable discussion with gun owners" when REAL gun owners and anyone with a differing opinion are apparently not welcome? Like other anti-gunners, they claim most Americans support additional gun control, but yet actual polls show less than 20% want additional laws. Not only that, but Mark Kelly was caught a couple months ago attempting to make a straw purchase of an AR-15. I guess because he is somehow special, he was not charged with this felony. It is also disgusting how he is using his injured wife as a puppet to push his own political aspirations.

Also, why was it necessary to say that GRNC was offering "100 rounds of semi-automatic weapon ammunition"? Wouldn't it have been sufficient to simply say "100 rounds of ammunition"? Biased reporting maybe? I read the original GRNC text and it stated the choice of two calibers that can be used in a variety of firearm types.

Don't be deceived

obie84 - please explain to me how, "felons, the severely mentally ill and gun-runners" have an "unfettered ability to purchase and possess lethal weapons" I'd really like to know...

Instead of spreading disinformation, it might be useful to point out to readers that we already have a very reasonable yet admittedly imperfect National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. Unfortunately, our current DOJ has admitted that they've done very little to prosecute or even investigate leads from this system. I think I speak for the vast majority of gun owners when I say that before we even consider proposing new, ineffective and infringing gun control legislation under the guise of crime prevention, let's first look at reasonably enforcing the laws we already have in place and hold those same people (DOJ) accountable for that enforcement.

Gun Control != Crime Prevention

North Carolinians could do without you

You offend against the dignity of our state when you berate a retired veteran and his wife.

Most gun owners agree with their stance on determining prospective firearms purchasers' suitability for firearm ownership.

As they are both gun owners, you have already qualified them as more knowledgeable of the constitution than most members of Congress, and I certainly agree that most members of the House have no grasp of the Constitution.

Some answers 4 U

Two different last names:
1. Because both are divorced, in the case of Gabbi Giffords if she is like my cousin she had to spend $500.00 or more to get her own name back and lose her ex-husbands.
2. She is well established in business and politics as Giffords. A name change could be very confusing and bad for her career in all avenues. Ask some guys in Japan. The guys named Datsun that became Nissan what can happen.
3. Because the law and the statutes in the state she is a legal resident allow it.

Why is she in Raleigh??? Easy answer: She and her husband are on a 7 state tour with a PAC/Political Group of citizens pushing an agenda of gun control by another name. They are seeking more strict background checks and record keeping. In reality this is a cover to go to state capitals, draw support from individuals that are big money player gun owners to join with them and their group. They are as they say pushing for stricter paper work. What they are not telling you is attached to their proposed legislation without a doubt will be laws banning "assault weapons" and high capacity magazines for all firearms.

They are probably traveling at their own expense. She is without a doubt a multi-millionaire and her husband has his government retirement. He has more than likely earned his, she is collecting a disability pension more than likely from his tenure as an elected representative to congress.
Not including other income from her various enterprises.

For what it is worth; I am collecting disability, I am a combat veteran. I am a William F. Buckley, Pat Buchannan conservative, I vote Republican, I support the death penalty and I am an NRA Life Member. also proudly known as "racist," "cracker," "whiteboy muthafuka" and other derisive terms from ethnic losers and commie liberals.

First step is the hardest, the next one even harder.

The truth will set you free.


Thanks for posting a cogent, rationale response to a knee jerk partisan rant.


Thanks for posting a cogent, rationale response to a knee jerk partisan rant.


I don't think the visit of former Arizona Rep. Giffords or her husband Capt. Mark Kelly USN (Ret.) is intended to convince anyone to ignore the Second Amendment to the Constitution. It is, rather, to demonstrate that you can be an active participant in the sports of hunting, target shooting, & trap shooting and also exercise the right to defend yourself and your home with a firearm, all this while still believing it is perfectly reasonable to take measures to prevent felons, the severely mentally ill and gun-runners from having unfettered ability to purchase and possess .lethal weapons. It sounds OK to me.

And if you consider Captain Kelly collecting his military pension after 24 years of service to his country as an astronaut and decorated combat pilot the same as being on the 'government dole', you have insulted the sacrifice of millions of military veterans.
As for Rep. Giffords, who was nearly fatally shot by a deranged gunman and is now permanently disabled, she is certainly entitled to her congressional pension.

The comment about having two last names is to silly to even address.

Giffords visit confusing

If they are married, why do they have two different last names?

Do they really believe that by participating in a round of sporting clays (great fun) they will somehow convince us to ignore the second amendment of our great Constitution? They may be surprised that most gun owners know the Constitution better than most members of Congress.

Since both Giffords and Kelly are now on the taxpayer government dole, who really sent them to NC? Obama?

I hope someone hands them a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution as they need to study it. We really don't need them meddling in the affairs of the Sovereign State of North Carolina.

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