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Former House Speaker writing a book

Former House Speaker Jim Black is working on a book about his experiences, not only about the scandal that led to prison but also about his 25 years in politics.

During his three years in the federal pen on corruption charges, Black amassed considerable notes that he will be organizing into a book, according to his Raleigh attorney, Whit Powell.

His years of incarceration, have also given Black plenty of time to think about social problems that political leaders are used to viewing only in the abstract.

“While in office, I made speech after speech about the need for education as a means of reducing the prison population,” Black said in a statement. '

“I now know, first hand, that this is true,” he said. “So much of what I have learned these last few years has re-energized my commitment to providing educational opportunities to our state's young people, as well as adult learners.”


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WHO is Jim Black trying to impress now?

write a book?  WHO would buy it? read it? 

WHO does he think he IS?

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