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Former Gov. Hunt: N.C. future is bright, with Obama at helm

Former Gov. Jim Hunt authored an opinion piece in today's News & Observer that shines an optimitic light on North Carolina's future and endorses President Barack Obama as the one who can help make it happen.

Hunt describes campaigning this year and hearing stories that "give me hope that our future will be bright." 

"We got here through hard work, determination and an understanding that in order to bring our state into the modern era, we needed to invest in the foundations of the modern economy: in education, in scientific research, in roads and schools and broadband networks," he writes. 

"In short," he continued, "Obama’s blueprint for our economy is the same blueprint that has transformed North Carolina into what it is today, and it is a plan that will carry us forward into the future. The other side wants to take us right back to where we started – and that’s a step backward that North Carolinians simply can’t afford."


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Hey John, howsabout.....

Hey John (Frank); howsabout arranging a seance with Terry Sanford or Kerr Scott or Dan Moore.  It's Halloween and a perfect time to do some creepy "endorsement from 'the other side'...".  It might even get you some national coverage. .... and I"M SURE some of your readers would buy it hook, line and sinker.   :-)

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