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Former GOP chairman slams Rep. Jones

Former state GOP chairman Jim Hastings – now a conservative radio talk show host at WATA in Boone – checked in with a Wilmington radio station (WLTT) on Thursday to say a few bad things about Congressman Walter Jones, who is running for re-election in a newly drawn district against fellow Republican Frank Palombo.

An element of the party is trying to outflank Jones on the right – aided by the National Journal’s ranking of the longtime incumbent as the most liberal Republican in the House. “He’s become more liberal the longer he stays up there,” Hastings said.


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Hastings is a good NC conservative and would make a great governor.Hastings is what we need,not a conservative lite like McCrory.Jim should also consider the senate.

America: The World Policeman

From the Daily Reflector, Greenville, NC, Mar 10, 2012:

"He (Palombo) likens the situation in Afghanistan to having a high-crime city. Communities don’t withdraw police officers from a city with a high-crime area, even if officers have been killed. Instead, Palombo said, they find new solutions for resolving the problem."


Looks like Palombo wants the US to continue to be the worlds' police force.  That is just what we need, Congress acting like a police chief and whipping these foreign countries into shape.

I think Jones is ready for the troops to come home from Afghanistan.  Sounds ok to me as I believe we have been there long enough to learn our lesson.  Let's police our own cities for a change. 

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