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First things first for a GOP House

State Republicans wrote a list of the eight things they'll do in the first 100 days of the legislative session if they win majorities in the state House and Senate this election.

Rep. Paul Stam, an Apex Republican and the House minority leader, thinks the House can pass a proposed constitutional amendment that would limit the government's use of eminent domain within a week, if not a day.

The bill has passed the House twice, only to get bottled up in the Senate. The N.C. League of Municipalities has opposed the bill. Stam has championed the idea for years.

"The House has already seen it five times," he said. "I believe we could pass that if not the first day, the first week."

Legislative committees aren't appointed that quickly, but Stam said it's worth considering making a special committee of all House members so they can vote right away.


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If those Republicans gain

If those Republicans gain control I hope we make sure and hide the good coffee before they get there! And they will probably want to sit up front. This is deplorable. If the Republicans gain control it will be like when the caddies got to use the pool in the movie, "Caddyshack." If it does happen I hope we will be able to protect the women and small children from seeing the desecration of the Democratic Temple.

Can you fill us in on what

Can you fill us in on what the other 7 things are?

Taliban Stam

Just what we need. A stern daddy in Raleigh who won't let municipalities manage their own growth challenges.  What ever happened the importance of local decision-making?  Oh I remember. That only applies when you're a Republican who agrees with the decisions being made.  Otherwise, Taliban Stam knows what's best for every one.  Especially pregnant women.

Tell you what, Paul. Go into your closet and do some of that praying you talk about so often.  And this time, shut up and listen for a change.

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