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First something-or-other

No, he won't be called "First Dude."

Bob Eaves, husband of Gov.-elect Beverly Perdue, is honored and excited about his new role as the governor's spouse. He will not, however, assume the title chosen by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's husband, Todd.

Perdue lightheartedly suggested a contest on the Internet to determine the title, Mark Johnson reports.

Dome would like to kickstart that contest right here. Readers, what should his title be?

The official title for now will continue to be "First Gentleman." A shorter version — "First Man" — has also been thrown around, as have the more casual "First Fella" and "First Guy." Brits (especially tabloid editors) might favor "First Lad," but that seems a bit odd here.

What about "First Bob"?

Update: BlueNC blogger James Protzman suggests "First Mate." Given Eastern North Carolina's nautical history, that has some nice historical resonance...


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Or maybe Beverleaves?

Re: First something-or-other

Brad and Angelina Jolie gave us....."Brangelina."

So how about....."Bobeverly?"

Re: First something-or-other

the man

Re: First something-or-other

Top ten names for the Governor's mate:

10. Deputy Fife
9. Dumplin’s Dumplin
8. NC2
7. Opie
6. Tonto
5. Sidekick
4. Mr. Mary
3. The Duke of the Governor's Mansion
2. Mr. Mom

1. Prince Robert

I believe the Queen of England's husband is Prince Phillip. Therefore, Prince Robert might be the most appropriate.

Already kick-started

Re: First something-or-other

I have a few suggestions...

First D-Bag
First Tool

My personal favorite, though, is First and Only Term in office. Even Obama won't help 4 more years of corruption from the down east kleptocrats.

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