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First Lady Michelle Obama to return to North Carolina

First Lady Michelle Obama is expected to return to North Carolina early next week to campaign for her husband.

Michelle Obama will appear at a campaign event in the Triangle but campaign officials did not provide any other details about the visit. It's her second trip to the state in a month. In late September, Michelle Obama attended a rally at N.C. Central University.

But the presence of the first lady -- and not President Barack Obama -- will only fuel speculation that he may not return before Election Day.


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Not really necessary

Is it really necessary to spend more money to come back to the Triangle? My gosh, hasn't she said everything she has to say to a certain ethnic group? So provincial to speak to the one ethnicity and to ignore everybody else. But, that's the agenda of the Obama candidacy.

We'd much prefer she stay in Washington, and leave us alone.

On a similar topic, Mitt the

On a similar topic, Mitt the Twit invaded our fair city of Asheville yesterday.  It was funny to watch the 1% trying desperately to avoid sneering at the goobers as they were forced to stand in line together.

Should she rent a condo, John ????

Hey John, how come no wise cracks about how often she's been to NC campaigning ???   How come John?  When she comes it disruptes our lives.  Not so with Chris Christie......

Still looking for confederate memorabilia, John?

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