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Fetzer has list of Democratic scandals at the ready

The Republicans made it clear that they plan to make the Democratic scandals in Raleigh an issue in the fall elections.

"North Carolina has become a national embarrassment and a laughing stock," state GOP Chairman Tom Fetzer told the state Republican convention in Winston-Salem on Saturday.

He entertained the 800 delegates with a litany of the Democratic woes, Rob Christensen reports.

"Lets for a minute review the Democrats' record on ethics," Fetzer said.

"We've got Meg Scott Phipps, the former commissioner of agriculture, a Democrat, just got out of jail. You have Jim Black, speaker of the House, Democrat, in jail. You have Congressman Frank Ballance, Democrat, in jail." (Actually he is no longer in jail.)

"Son of a congressman, Gary Ballance, in jail. Kevin Geddings, the lead lobbyist for the Democrats on the lottery, in jail. Thomas Wright, former House member, Democrat, in jail. Michael Decker, former House member, a Republican who Jim Black paid $50,000 in cash in the bathroom in an IHOP to become a Democrat, in jail — let that be a lesson.

"Ruffin Poole, Gov. Easley's top aide indicted 57 times," Fetzer said. "He pleaded guilty to one account of tax evasion and everyone knows what is coming next. Mike Easley has one foot on the banana peel and the other in the penitentiary somewhere."


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Fetzer has a list of his own breaking GOP rules.

I'm not sure why this screw-up of a state leader thinks that his actions won't be brought up during the general election should his "boy" win in the run-off. After openly supporting a particular candidate and then slandering him publicly you can be the dems will be only too happy to bring this up in November.


This fool even made the MSNBC world news on Rachel Maddow among others. What kind of idiot does this? The only thing I can think of is that he is more concerned about the power he has garnered and wants to keep it and over reacted by his statement.


Fetzer should be a top target to remove after the November election. As a voting member of the GOP I will be working on this starting November 3rd 2010.


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