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Farmer blasts Merritt on ethics

State Ethics Commission Chairman Robert Farmer blasted State Auditor Les Merritt Friday, accusing him of leveling "bogus and spurious allegations" in an investigation that is a "total sham."

Farmer, speaking at the start of a commission meeting, lambasted Merritt's inquiry into the ethics commission's dismissal of an employee over an incident involving the lawyer for Lieutenant Gov. Beverly Perdue reviewing Perdue's file, Mark Johnson reports.

Farmer charged that Merritt released a recent report on his investigation without waiting for a pending court ruling on a lawsuit filed by the commission over that same probe, with Merritt saying he is exempt from such interference.

"In other words, he is above the law," Farmer said.

He also accused Merritt of violating government accounting standards, his own duties, his own confidentiality rules and the ethics act.

"Now he thumbs his nose at a court of law," said Farmer, a former judge, "by proceeding to file a report of an investigation that is the very subject of a lawsuit."

The commission later entered closed session to discuss the lawsuit with their lawyer.


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Re: Farmer blasts Merritt on ethics

Is being on a board for a bank against the rules? If so, why hasnt any DemocRAT (to use your phrasing) :) called him on it and filed a complaint? Is the N&O sitting on this supposed large breach of ethics? I have read multiple instances of Merritt investigating things in state governement, and, in my experience, it seems he's been on the correct side of the particular issue. I had no idea as to his political affiliation, I just knew when I read stories in the N&O that dont pass the smell test, Merritt seems right on top of it. In this particular issue, sounds to me like someone deleted a log when they shouldnt have, and fired someone who spoke up, and then seems to be covering it up and stonewalling. Sounds to me he's doing exactly what he should.

Merritt is Less Ethical

Interesting how RepubliCANTs poison any kind of public dialogue with lies and distortions, and are unable or unwilling to address facts. For all of you who think Les Merritt is so great, explain why it is appropriate for an elected State Auditor to take a paid board of directors position at a bank while he is in office? Les did this without a care in the world. why is he using his state office and resources for political purposes, such as to promote his own candidacy and spy on his opponents? etc. The fact that ideological neocons cannot even admit to the factual record, much less join the rest of North Carolinians in condemning this abuse of power, reflects badly on them - just proving that they are stuck on their fact-free talking points and should just be ignored.

Re: Farmer blasts Merritt on ethics

I see we have some attack the messenger Democrats on here that are defending the Era of Corruption during the last 8 years.
Farmer is a Easley appointee and seems to think that he is above the law. The State Ethics Commission did not nothing about Jim Black and his association with Video poker, chiropractor, and optomotrist. How could they possibly police themselves?
The State Ethics Commission is really the Protect the Democrat Corruption Commission. There is only one person that should investigate the Ethics Commission and that is Les Merritt. And if the State Ethics Commission keeps stonewalling a legitimate investigation, the FBI needs to be called in.
This Corruption must end now. And quite possibly the State Ethics Commission should added to the list of agencies to eliminate with the State Department of Transportation.

Paul Terrell III

Re: Farmer blasts Merritt on ethics

I want to know what the State Auditors office has found concerning Perdue. Sounds like the dimocRATS are trying to cover their tracks, again.

Re: RepubliCANTs have less merit, and Les Merritt!

How confused is ebetz? Ebetz is soooooo confused that he repeats the points made by folks he opposes without realizing it. No, Lord help him, he doesn't realize it, and neither does anyone who is so hard up for distraction that he or she tries to decipher his ramblings.

Lord, bless poor ole ebetz and keep him and Mr. Terrell from frightening the pigeons from their park benches.

Re: RepubliCANTs have less merit, and Les Merritt!

Les seems to be doing his job the correct way and that really annoys the democrat both in and out of office! The never saw an honest person thqt they supported politically. Honesty appears to frighten the Demorat leaders (and for that matter the followers) and the Demorat leaders see, to go out of their way to find fault, real or make believe (usually the latter) with the opponent an express it in their campaign rather than expressing what the demorat is going to do the demorat expresses how bad the Republican might be. (The Demorats run negative ads 77% of the time, according to the N&O -- really something to be proud of!! ain't it???).

RepubliCANTs have less merit, and Les Merritt!

RepubliCANTs continue their 'talking point' campaign to try to distract voters from real issues by lying, distorting, distracting, etc. Les Merritt is well known for being the most unethical of the Council of State elected officials in this state. It seems unethical to *lie*, doesn't it? So, why does McCrory do it every day on TV? Is that because RepubliCANTs are the "values" party, and their values are to lie daily? When RepubliCANTs are caught lying, they whine about "media bias." After 30 years of hearing about media bias, that's a dog that just don't hunt no more. RepubliCANTs cannot win based on their record or ideas, so they resort to lies, distortion, and distraction. Don't by fooled by their tricks.

Re: Farmer blasts Merritt on ethics

The Demorats oughta save the campaign tactics and noise for the campaign trail and not spend the taxpayers time and dollars on it. The Auditor has a job to do and appears to be doing it. The Ethics comission has a duty to perform and seems to be using two sets of new rules one for people they know and like and one for those they don't know and/or don't like - not really an ethical approach, but a typical Democrat political approach. The newpaper oughta do us all a favor and tell us the truth and not slant the story to favor the Demorat campaign tactics.
The NEWS & OBSERVER should remain neutral and nonpartisan. They might actually increase circulation if they adopt this approach and make more money!!

Les Merritt has less merit

Les Merritt is a RepubliCANT elected auditor who has no clue about conflict of interest, who uses his office to spy on the Democratic party, and who cannot do his job properly. He should be thrown out of office.

Re: Farmer blasts Merritt on ethics

blah blah blah ..... charges and counter charges .... just another Day on Jones Street.

Farmer Ought to look in the mirror

and repeat those words.

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