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Family Policy Council questions poll

A conservative group has questioned the Elon poll.

Tami Fitzgerald, an attorney with the conservative N.C. Family Policy Council, told the Associated Press that she disputed the methodology of the Elon University Poll which showed 50 percent of North Carolinians opposed a constitutional ban on gay marriage.

She argued that it surveyed all adults and not likely voters.

And she said the poll's question, which asked if the person would vote to "prevent any same-sex marriages," carried a negative tone that may have skewed the results.

"Phrasing it in a negative way probably elicited a stronger response in the negative," she said. Fitzgerald suggested asking if the person would approve an amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Pollsters with the conservative Civitas Institute, which has polled that wording, also objected to the Elon poll.


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Next stop: the Twilight Zone

Let me get this straight: asking an unambiguous and accurate question is bad because of its "negative tone", but using misdirection and sleight-of-hand to cloak a negative action is preferred sounds better?

Tami. Seriously. I know the odor of gasoline has an odd and possibly primal attraction, but you can't just stand there whiffing it for hours like that. Those brain cells will not come back.

Sue them

I'm convinced that no one in North Carolina is as smart at the leaders of the NC Family Policy Council, who are apparently also experts in opinion polling.

But there's an easy out. NCFP should sue Elon University for misrepresenting what Ms. Fitzgerald believes is the real nature of North Carolina public opinion. Not only is Elon at odds with her own personal knowledge of truth, the university is also disregarding god's will by asking questions inspired by the devil.

To my knowledge.

Re: Family Policy Council questions poll

Not to criticize anyone's wording, but another salient approach would be to ask "Would you vote for or against a candidate who [Supports/Opposes] (Split Sample) same-sex marriage or would it make a difference in how you vote?"

Re: Family Policy Council questions poll

I don't understand why Ms. Fitzgerald and others criticize the Elon Poll for surveying all adults and not just voters.

That's what the Elon Poll does and that is how it presents itself, as a measure of public opinion in the state.

Re: Family Policy Council questions poll

I guess they have to try to come up with some explanation, but reiterating the "defining marriage" formulation is just reiterating their own euphemism. The Elon poll got at exactly what the proponents of the bill want -- a ban. Maybe "ban" doesn't sound like a nice word, but perhaps they should have thought of that before they started trying to ban things.

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