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Fake Gov. Perdue tweets show up on TV

MSNBC fell for the fake Gov. Bev Perdue on Twitter, more than once, a tweet-curating website reports.

The TV news program is trailing political tweets across the bottom of the screen during some of its coverage of the Democratic National Convention, as it did with the Republican convention last week.

During host Chris Matthews’ show one trailer attributed to “@GovBevPerdue” remarked: “Welcome to North Carolina, Democrats! Can’t wait to tell everyone about NC’s great economy, low unemployment and my high approval.”

Problem with that bit of sarcasm is that it isn’t the governor’s Twitter account. It’s a parody whose unknown author has weighed in periodically on the state’s political events.

The gaff was caught by, a website started by conservative blogger, commentator and author Michelle Malkin. The site curates a sampling of Tweets from across the Twitterverse. “If it’s news, we’re on it. If it should be news, we’re ahead of it,” the site boasts., a website fed by local contributors, reported the scoop.

In May, The Huffington Post fell for the tweet gag, quoting the Perdue parody as having apologized to the governor of Mississippi for her comment that the marriage amendment voters passed made North Carolina look like that state.

"Called the Mississippi governor today and apologized for my remarks," the parody said. "Offered to send him some Bojangles Bo-Berry biscuits to make amends."

That didn't happen, and The Huffington Post admitted it had been hoodwinked.

The Twitter account user profile clearly admits it's a parody. It also includes this remark: "73rd Governor of North Carolina. 1st Female Governor of North Carolina, and now probably the last."

Earlier Tuesday, the fake governor tweeted: "I will be LIVE TWEETING my speech during convention tonight. Think I can't speak and tweet at the same time? WRONG!"

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