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Exit polls shows few North Carolina voters made choices on Election Day

The exit polls in North Carolina show the economy is the most pressing issue on voters' minds, specifically rising prices and unemployment, according to the National Election Pool.

About four in 10 of the state's voters believe their financial situation is about the same as four years ago and a plurality think the U.S. economy is improving.

Only 3 percent of voters decided their choices on Election Day and another 3 percent in the few days prior. About three in four voters made up their minds before Labor Day, the exit polls show.

For more results, as posted by News 14 Carolina, click here or read below. The margin of error is plus-or-minus 4 percent. See more here from CNN.

What is the most important issue facing the country?

Health care 20%
The economy 59%
Federal budget deficit 14%
Foreign policy 5%

What presidential candidate quality that matters most?

Shares my values 28%
Is a strong leader 18%
Cares about people like me 20%
Has a vision for the future 30%

What should happen to the 2010 health care law?

Expand it 19%
Leave it as it is 20%
Repeal some of it 25%
Repeal all of it 29%

Which is closer to your view of government?

Government should do more to solve problems 40%
Government doing too much/leave more to business and individuals 54%

What is the biggest economic problem facing people like you?

Housing market 6%
Unemployment 30%
Taxes 15%
Rising prices 45%

What do you think is the condition of the U.S. economy?

Excellent 3%
Good 23%
Not so good 37%
Poor 36%

Is the U.S. economy ... ?

Getting better 41%
Getting worse 33%
Staying about the same 26%

What is your financial situation, compared to 2008?

Better today 22%
Worse today 35%
About the same 42%

What best describes your vote for president today?

Strongly favor my candidate 67%
Like my candidate, with reservations 18%
Dislike the other candidates 12%

When did you finally decide on your vote for president?

Just today 3%
Last few days 3%
In October 10%
In September 10%
Before that 74%

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