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Etheridge video, with fewer edits

The video showing U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge grabbing a young man with a video camera was edited in the version making the rounds Monday. Stephen Gutowski posted on less heavily edited versions of the video captured by both cameras.



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(No subject)

Like I have said before

North Carolina democrats belong in jail not public office!

So much for the "whole story" vindicating Etheridge...

This actually makes it look even worse.  There is no instigation whatsoever. 

guess where he was shortly before the incident?

At a Pelosi fundraiser, which I understand had a bar.

But he wouldn't say where he'd been at the news conference, and of course the lazy media could not be bothered to push him on it.

Etheridge Looks intoxicated

I wonder if the reporting will drill down to see where Etheridge was before the incident. What had he been drinking earlier? His cumbersome body movements, and slurred speech makes it seems as if he is drunk during the episode.



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