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Etheridge to run for governor

Former Congressman Bob Etheridge announced announced this evening that he would seek the Democratic nomination for governor.

“After considerable thought and a whole lot of encouragement, I am announcing today, my candidacy for the Democratic Party nomination for Governor,” Etheridge said.

“My life’s work has been about improving the public education system in North Carolina,” Etheridge said. “As we move forward, we must ensure we are making the key investments in public education, community colleges and the university system.

“This election is about leadership. It’s about moving forward - not moving backward. I will be talking about our future and our commitment to move North Carolina forward.  If we want a 21st century economy, we must have 21st century schools.

Etheridge is a former former legislator, superintendent of public instruction, who lost his congressional seat in 2010 to Republican Renee Ellmers.  Most recently he has headed up the state's stimulus program and the recovery from Hurricane Irene.


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Who Are you?

hey Bob, better reconsider today as you are about to embarrass yourself

beyond comprehension ... OH, and your 'life's work'  'for'  'education'...YOU and YOUR ilk have completely corrupted the Dept of Education, which will be SHUT DOWN SOON!!!

WE the PEOPLE are about to take THIS state BACK from the criminals!

Bob Etheridge? How old is he?

Bob Etheridge is 70 years old.  Is he up to a statewide campaign?

Etheridge's announcement

Being a resident of Harnett County, seeing him leave it is about the only reason I can come up with for being in favor of him running for governor.  And that's not reason enough.  Bobby boy, go tend your cattle, they're used to bull.

Typical ....

His life's work has been about education?

And, he assaulted a student?

What a guy.

In my view, we don't need him to run this state after failing in Washington, DC. Health care is just one of the legacies he leaves us for his failure to listen to his constituents. A nurse saw fit to unseat him!

Mr. Bob needs to put on his overalls and get back on his farm and rest in his pasture. I've seen enough of him and heard enough of his gavely voice.

I can't believe  he'd want to put himself though what he will face in terms of negative ads. But, no one ever said he was smart, did they?

Who are you??  This will be

Who are you??  This will be too easy.


Can't he just be appointed Governor?

Please everyone respect

Please everyone respect Ethridge's candidacy.  Don't tell anyone that he cannot run for Congress if he is running for Governor.

Well if it were based on best comb-over

Its Ehtridge in a landslide!

Please run Bob

What's the matter Bob, missing all those free drinks from your lobbiest buddies?? Please, Please run, no chance Pat will lose with you as the Marxist Party nominee.

Etheridge opponent

If I were running against Etheridge (Democrat or Republican), all I would run, would be that video of him grabbing that young man's arm.

Etheridge for Governor

Seven-term Democratic Congressman Bob Etheridge has now said he wants to run for Governor of NC.   It is amazing that he has not listened to the voices of the people during the healthcare vote and other issues and thinks the people will vote for him now.We are wondering if you have not had your snout in the public trough enough already? Furthermore, we would like to have you  provide the citizen/taxpayer/voters of the Republic of NC a detailed accounting of expenditures related to the hurricane relief and spend down of remaining federal stimulus funds.  Don’t we deserve this much out of one who says he wants to be the Governor.   You see since you have so much previous Washington experience, we figure too many people with too much experience who learn how to serve themselves instead of the citizens they represent might have something to hide.  How about it Bob will you provide that information to the people of North Carolina or perhaps you might have to do a recount on those figures. By the way Who Are You, one that will stand up for the people of North Carolina or one that does not have enough self control that all he can be is a yes man for Washington crowd?

Ichabod vs Faison vs Walter Who

"Ichabod" Etheridge.... he is almost too easy to make fun of.  Kind of like Joe Biden in that regard.


Hey Bob,

You were in Washington and just could not stand it when you got defeated. Well go ahead and run for Governor and you ain't seen nothing yet on how you can be defeated. You are sticking with Obama and his cronies and the citizens of North Carolina have had enough of that bunch of Socialist. Now you are tainted with the same march steps and we don't need you or those kind of people to represent us and continue to take away our Freedom.

What what? ?

"Former Congressman Bob Etheridge announced announced ..."

"Etheridge is a former former legislator,"

Who the heck edits edits these stories stories?

Larry, Moe or Curly???

I forgot, is Etheridge Larry, Moe or Curly?  And will he almost cry if he doesn't get the nomination like he did when he was defeated in 2010?  Bobby boy, just stay down on the farm.

Glad to hear

I for one am glad he's running----he doesn't stand a chance.



He's about as qualified to be Governor as Tedesco is to be State Superintendent. What an idjit.....


He needs to go back to Harnett County and enjoy retirement rather than muddy up the waters in the Democratic primary.

WHO ARE YOU!  We still


We still remember who you are, Bob! 

Who are you

Who are you, who are you?


No, no, no, no. 

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