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Etheridge heads to a recount 1,489 votes down

With all provisional and absentee ballots counted and certified in the state's 2nd Congressional district, incumbent Democratic Rep. Bob Etheridge still trails his Republican challenger Renee Ellmers by 1,489 votes.

But the margin between the candidates is less than the 1 percent threshold required for a candidate to request a recount.

Etheridge was about 1,650 votes behind before Friday's canvass in the districts 10 counties was complete. Historically, recounts in the state have rarely changed the election results, especially when the margin is as wide as that facing Etheridge.

Etheridge issued a statement affirming that he wants the ballots counted again.

“Throughout my career in public service – from the military to serving in Congress– I’ve known there is nothing more important than preserving the sacred right to vote and that is why North Carolina should go forward with the process lawmakers designed to ensure accuracy and integrity when the margin is less than 1 percent,” Etheridge said, according to the statement.

“Unless voters are assured that the results of the election are accurate then they’ll never be sure that the people’s voice was heard or that the result is valid. As more votes were counted over the last week, it became increasingly clear that this race is too close to call and a recount is warranted.”

Johnnie McLean, the deputy director of the State Board of Elections, planning for a recount will start on Monday. There was no immediate estimate of how much the recount will cost.

UPDATED to include Etheridge's statement.


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Poor looser

I can,nt believe Bob is so crazy,after that big show he gave in Washinton of WHO ARE YOU?I could of told you he would loose.What a poor one.Hope he just takes a good long break and ride in the Wild Blu Younder!!!!Forget it Bob!!!Dont be such a sore looser like all the other poor Liberals what would we expect.???

Please leave

and take all those B E signs with you.  I'm tired of your liberal policies, your arrogance, and your belief that I work for you.

UtD, get on it!

With Ms. Elmers up in the vote, it's time to create her a head-image to go along with all the other congress critters. I want to see it debut by this week! :)

Bye, Bye Bob!

Is Bob paying for this recount?

Give It Up, Bob

As a professional politician and an entrenched incumbent, Bobby Ray must know that he has lost all popular support.  My God, the district is gerrymandered to the extreme, big pharma and other outside interests poured in big bucks, and the election still comes down to a recount?


Knowing all of the above, Bobby Ray knows even if he goes back to Washington, he goes back as a loser.  This is a man that is used to winning elections by 66% of the vote, and now he's reduced to asking for a re


Bobby Ray, if you had any dignity, you would have conceded a long time ago. 


You're not a fighter, Bobby Ray.  You're a greedy, arrogant loser who is refusing to listen to the voters.


Nobody wants you in DC, Bobby.  Hell, you even lost you Home County.

Good for her

bikera says "She makes me cringe."


Thats exactly why we support her.   When the cringing turns to 24/7 screaming rage please let us know.  .... :>)

Digging up dead body votes in Lillington and Smithfield

Chicago vote specialists are in Johnston county so we all know what that means: dead people really do vote, over and over!

Nutty chick?  Who was it

Nutty chick?  Who was it that grabbed the kid by the neck yelling "Who Are You" ???  Oh yes....The Washington Strangler aka Bobby Etheridge

If there is ANY chance to

If there is ANY chance to send this nutty chick back to her day job, Bob owes it to the citizens of North Carolina and the nation to go for it. She is a Tea Party crackpot who will wreak havoc in Congress and make North Carolina even more of a laughing stock. Even the Republican party doesn't want her around. She makes me cringe.

Just another old vet

Maybe He'll Change His Mind

Such a tiring, time consuming task for staff and volunteers. Although painful, he'll gain respect from his supporters (and detractors) by asking to have the recount cancelled.


Etheridge: Grasping at straws.  What happened?  You lost bozo.


Etheridge, you freakin' lost.  If it is even that lost.  Quit whining and go to a temp agency for a job.

Old Al Franken votes ?

Hopefully Etheridge's gang will not be allowed bring in too many leftover Al Franken votes ?

You Lost Etheridge!!

First, I'm amazed it was that close.  Other than East Raleigh and diehard old Southern democrats voting for him, it shouldn't have been close. 

Second, he needs to show some dignity, instead of costing the taxpayers even more money and concede. 

If you think he got robbed - he didn't - have him run again in two years.  (Personally, I be amazed if he actually lived here during that time.) 

Want to bet that bobby boo magically wins???

1,650 votes short. No problem. They can fraudulently make that up...

And Sec Of State Marshall will OK it. Remember, she is a spurned women after losing to Burr.

Etheridge to keep Attorneys help economy

My son, who is very knowledgeable of politics and spends a lot of time volunteering for campaigns, made a comment that anything over 1000 votes in a Congressional Race is considered as "Mt. Everest".  His political affiliation is different from mine, but we enjoy the bantor and also watching the dramas unfold.

He was involved in NC politics while in College and Law School and understand the NC system, all to well.  Last night when I told that Ellmers had a 1600 vote lead and that Etheridge had NOT conceded, he questioned the "wisdom" and mental state of the candidate.

He then made his Mt. Everest comment and also mentioned several other congressional races which were conceded, without a recount, in several states where the margins were MUCH lower.  He then chuckled and said that even in Chicago, you could not make up that many well as chortling about Minnesota's gallant effort to overcome the 300-400 that Al Franken was behind by.

SO, even the experienced member of Etheridge's own party doubt that he will come out ahead.  Obviously, Rep Etheridge must be getting financial help from the DNCC and also moral support from the Wicked Witch of the West....she had better be watching out for flying Elephants that could come crashing down on her and render her impotent....Who knows WHO will end up with her Ruby Slippers....but Rep. Frank would look "stunning" in them...

SO, will Etheridge, who campaigned for Common Sense and Frugal Government concede and ride off into the Sunset as a Gallant Soldier, who accepted victory with Dignity.....or will he be the vain and vile "WHO ARE YOU" candidate and be finally asked to quit whining and leave the room....?

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