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Erwin backs McCain

Charlotte businessman Mark Erwin, a friend and supporter of former President Bill Clinton and U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, says he is supporting Republican Sen. John McCain in the presidential election.

Erwin, who backed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, said he did not think Sen. Barack Obama was sufficiently seasoned to be president, reports Rob Christensen.

“I'm supporting (McCain) because I think our country needs somebody who has the depth of experience, proven talent and lots of leadership training,” Erwin said.

“Sen. Obama doesn't have any of those things. I think Joe Biden had it right when he said, 'Some day he will be ready, but he's not ready now.'”

Erwin was a fundraiser and golfing partner of former President Bill Clinton. Clinton named him ambassador to three islands of the east coast of Africa.

Erwin said he met with McCain in Atlanta last week and agreed to back him.

Erwin said he believed this was the first time he had agreed to support a Republican presidential candidate, although he said he has supported Republicans such as U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick of Charlotte.


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So what

All this means is Mark Erwin failed to back the right candidate twice now.

Mr. Terrell:

As a Democrat, it is probably against my self interest and what I believe to be the interest of my country to offer you advice on campaigning, but as an activist and the former Vice Chair of the County Democratic Party, I like to think I know a little bit about what it takes to be a successful candidate for public office.

Hanging around trashing your opponent on newspaper comment boards? Probably not where you're going to get a lot of votes there, bub.

Here's another hint. Try to run on something other than whatever Sean Hannity said last night.

Re: Erwin backs McCain

Does Erwin realize that Obama's policies are nearly identical to Clinton's, while McCain's policies are nearly the opposite, and can best be described as a continuation of the Bush years (but with more war)? Is he really that stupid? A reporter should ask Erwin which ISSUES he finds himself supporting McCain on over Obama.

Re: Erwin backs McCain

Dan Blue has openly endorsed Obama and has negtively attack McCain on the behalf of Obama.

Dan Blue has made many incorrect decisions on how he votes, and this is another incorrect decision. Blue is NOT right for district 33.

Paul Terrell III

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