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Ervin, Goldman leading in their races

The closely watched and highly funded race for the N.C. Supreme Court has tightened, according to a new poll.

Sam Ervin IV, a judge on the N.C. Court of Appeals, leads N.C. Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby by a 38-32 percent margin, according to a new poll commissioned the Civitas Institute, a Raleigh-based conservative advocacy group.

Although officially non-partisan, Republicans have rallied to Newby to make sure the court stays in Republican hands – an issue that has implications for legislative redistricting challenges and other issues.

The poll also found that Debra Goldman, a member of the Wake County board of Education, ha been picking up support. She now leads Democratic incumbent Beth Wood by a 40 to 38 percent margin.

Goldman has received considerable publicity in recent weeks, following disclosure that grew out of a robbery report she made concerning her Cary house, her suspicions about a fellow school board member, and allegations of a romantic affair.

The poll of 600 registered voters was conducted Oct. 20-21 by National Research Inc. and had a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Update: The poll was conducted the day before the Goldman story broke and on the day the N&O published the first article about her robbery report.


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We need to have these so-called nonpartisan judges run with their party affiliation.The dems were losing badly when the citizens of NC knew which side of the aisle these judges sat and the dems changed the races to nonpartisan.Ervin is as far left as Nancy Pelosi and the NC voters don't know that and the media in NC will not tell them of his political stands that are far left of most North Carolinian's.While Paul Newby's political stands are in line with most in North Carolina.But the leftist and dems know they are losing to republicans all over the state and nation.Just look at a map of red states and blue states.Now they think they can take over judges who at the highest levels are in office for life and change legislation that is passed by the elected representatives of the people.This is very dangerous to a free people and must be changed.I think all judges should have to run on their party affiliation even supreme court judges.

Forgiveness, my brothers and sisters, forgiveness in your heart.

We have forgiven Bill Clinton.

We forgave Teddy Kennedy.

And Bill Ayers.

Find forgiveness in your heart.


The Goldman story broke Sunday October 21.  Clearly the poll is out of date and the belated release is a desperate attempt by Civitas to rehabilitate a fatally flawed candidate.  Any auditor worth her salt could see that.

Is this poll out of date?

PPP had Wood up 12 over Goldman in polling over the weekend.  I hope Republicans will also vote for June Atkinson for State Superintendent.  She will uphold her constitutional duties while giving sound advice to the Legislature and the State Board of Education on what is best for public education.  She works well with both parties.  Tedesco does't have a clue.  He will have to hire someone to do his job.


Weird, I know many, many Republicans voting against Goldman.

IF Goldman is what you want on the school board?

I'm glad I don't have any kids in the system!

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