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Ellmers wants federal courthouse in Raleigh named after Jesse Helms


Rep. Renee Ellmers has introduced a bill that would re-name the federal building in Raleigh in honor of Sen. Jesse Helms.

Ellmers filed H.R. 6607 on Tuesday. The bill would Name the Century Post Office the "Jesse Helms Federal Building and United States Courthouse."

"Helms was an important advocate and representative of North Carolina throughout his (30) years of service in the United States Senate," Ellmers said. "This bill will ensure that the work he accomplished for the people of North Carolina will live on and invite future generations to learn about the important work he accomplished."

Dorothy Helms, wife of the late senator, said the family was touched to learn of the legislation.

"He was very proud to have his Senate office in that building on Fayetteville Street — Raleigh's 'Main Street,'" she said. "Jesse was a letter writer throughout his entire life so it's especially meaningful that the building to be named in his honor contains a post office."


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Just Say "NO!" to Senator NO!

I almost didn't beleive the words on the screen when I read them. Jesse "NO!" Helms may get a whole building named for him.

If I was going to run for Governor, or any office in this state, I would start writing this crazy stuff down now to use as evidence in four years as to why no one in their right mind should vote Republican.

Now that they have both houses and the Governor's chair it's going to be one totally insane thing after another for at least four years.

Folks, just say "NO!" to this idiotic idea.


no, no, no, no, never, no, no.

Jesse neeeds a memorial here

It is a courthouse, among others the bankruptcy court is there.  Maybe you should learn more, Reader57.

The best story I ever heard was that there was a colored girl from IL who was a

Senator and she was a real rearend.  When Jesse would get in the elevator with

her,  he would whistle Dixie.   Gotta love it!


Jesse Helms stood for all that was/is bad about this state and did so in the guise of 'honestly', and 'Christian values'.  What he stood for was racism.  I'd love to hear Bono's opinion on honoring Helms for anything, as he, more than anyone else I think, saw him for what he was in the end, and that may be surprising.

We'll Tell You Which Bigot

Hey Renee,

Go to hell.  We, the tax paying citizens of North Carolina will, on our on accord, pick and choose which bigots' names we want adorning our government property.  By the way, whose "advocate" are you referring to?

Agent Pierce, As your progressive, lib'ral

As your progressive, lib'ral friend, I'm fine honoring Sen. Helms service by naming Century Post Office after him, particularly if Rep. Elmers will stand up, honor Dot's wishes, and fight for funding to keep it open. Post Office wants to close it.



Helms was honest!

Jesse Helms was the most honest man in the Senate.

Jesse Helms took care of North Carolinians whenever they called his office whether that person voted for him or not.

Jesse Helms defeated Jim Hunt, the darling of North Carolina politics. Why is that?

People in North Carolina thought more of Jesse Helms honesty than Jim Hunts wishy washy answers. That was the ad campaign.

Jesse Helms was winning his Senate seat when democrats outnumbered Republicans 3 to 1.

Senator NO was respected for standing up for his principles. That is a VERY rare trait in todays society.

In all the years in the Senate, whether I agreed with him or not, I ALWAYS respected the fact he was honest about where he stood.

I voted for him every time solely on the fact that Jesse Helms was honest.

Jesse Helms pushed for more funding for AIDS than any other Senator. Bono took on the liberal entertainers to praise Jesse Helms for his work on AIDS.

Jesse Helms exposed what a sham the UN is.

Jesse Helms said no to spending.

Despite the liberal media and the critics, Jesse Helms won everytime.

That is because the people of North Carolina respect honesty.

A lesson to be learned by all.

I say Yes!

As an avowed and known progressive ('lib'ral') on this blog, I'm fine honoring Sen. Helms service by naming Century Post Office after him, if Rep. Elmers will stand up, honor Dot's wishes, and fight for funding to keep it open.  Post Office wants to close it.

Confusing and inaccurate story

This story makes me wonder if News & Observer reporters and copy editors know anything about Raleigh anymore. The federal courthouse in Raleigh is already named after Terry Sanford. Sounds like what Rep. Ellmers would like to do is to name the old post office on Fayetteville Street after Helms. This is not a building that folks around town would consider the federal building or the federal courthouse.

Good idea

Yes, Jesse Helms deserves a tribute to his honor, his integrity, his grit, and his candor.

I'm all for it.



Helms was one of NC's most effective Senators of all time (whether you agree with his politics or not).  You could seriously benefit from a High School Government class.  Your ignorance is an embarrassment to our State

Helms (whether you agree

moved to a reply

Elevator Music

great idea elmers...maybe we can also have the elevator music programmed to play "dixie" when ever a black woman gets in - just like jesse used to whistle to senator carol moseley-braun !!!

One embarrassment honoring another?

Is this a joke?  The unqualified-to-serve Ms. Ellmers is already enough of an embarrassment to North Carolina.  Now she wants to honor the man who is unquestionably the biggest embarrassment in state history?  God help us!


Get a life, woman!

Above and beyond the fact that this would be a (horrors! -- said every TeaBagger) huge waste of money, it would be a serious travesty of justice (since when was Jesse-Boy on the bench?)

You are out of your league, Renee...if you have a shred of sincerity left, you will back-pedal and replace JH's moniker with that of The HONORABLE Sam Ervin, whose legacy lives on despite your petty distractions.



Clearly, Jesse Helms is a

Clearly, Jesse Helms is a polarizing figure.  With all the problems facing our country right now, and with the need for compromise among liberals and conservatives, I think this proposal is ill-timed and out of touch with the right set of priorities.  In the time I took to type this, Washington probably spent $50M it didn't have -- there's where I'd like to see the focus.

Re: Ellmers' legacy

This is very fitting for Ellmers' legacy.  All she has to do is name a couple of more post offices and she'll be up there with Paul Ryan.

Yeee Haaaaaa!

Buckle up!!  The range of extreme human expression is gonna go KABOOM on this one. 

Nothing so ignites the N&O's toxic left-wing quite like the word "Helms".

ellmers / helms

is that courthouse or outhouse?

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