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Ellmers uses congressional health insurance

Although Rep. Renee Ellmers campaigned last fall as an ardent opponent of the new health care law passed by Congress, she was not reticent about taking advantage the health plan offered to members of Congress.

Appearing on a WPTF radio call-in show Monday, Ellmers was asked by a caller whether she intended to participate in “that luxury plan” offered to members of Congress.

Ellmers responded that she signed up for a Blue Cross, Blue Shield federal employees plan, one of the options offered to members of Congress.

“Unfortunately, being here in Washington is very expensive,” said Ellmers. “Yes we do have a salary and we do have benefits. It costs a lot of money to be here. I've signed on to the private plan, just like so many in America are on. The benefit is available to me. People need to understand out there it costs a lot money to be here in Congress.”

Ellmers, a nurse who is married to a physician, makes a congressional salary of $174,000 per year.


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Rep. Ellmers

Oh! Boo, Hoo, it is expensive to live in Washington D.C. 

Try living on $40,000.00, isn't that what the average Federal or State worker makes?

fun with renee

renee ellmers is the greatest thing to happen to politics in a long time. She is so dumb she's smart. Notice how she totally deflected the question about taking the health insurance: She said more or less, " I'm no hypocrite, I know a good deal when I see one." Now the new health plan does none of the things that Renee complains about, but, what the heck. By the way the Harnett Health Systems health insurance plan (where her husband works) is really awful, so I'm not surprised that Renee signed up for the congressional plan, since she and her hubby had to endure that plan. (public information).

Another thought: Harnett Health is a publicly funded hospital that is mandated to take in all patients. They lose money on most of them because a lack of insurance; this money is made up from...taxpayers. So, here's two things to think about: you're already paying for health insurance for people without insurance, which generally costs more because they don't get preventive care. Second, Dr. Ellmers gets paid whether the hospital does or not.

Follow these links for fun:

For food stamp haters (now called SNAP), guess what the funding agency is: DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE! Look carefully and you will see how many millions and millions are received by Harnett and Johnston Counties. Oops: is that noise the sound of your subsidy money disappearing in the budget-slashing tea party agenda?

I know lots of you don't like Bob Etheridge, but take a look at this page to find out how much money he brought home to his district (STIMULUS MONEY!) Past accomplishments include fire stations, etc. Do you seriously think Ms Ellmers is going to be able to do that, even with a Republican majority?

Harnett Health just built a 50 bed hospital with...Stimulus money! Tear that thing down and send the money back to the Feds, by gosh, we've got to stop this needless spending!

Last, only 12% of the Federal budget is discretionary. If we just chopped of that unneccessary stuff like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, we could balance the budget next year. Make room for grandma, she's gonna live in the attic!

The whole tea party thing is a sham: it's funded by right-wing billionaires who won't hesitate to kick the tea partiers under the bus after they are done with them. Renee said she didn't know who funded her ads and she's probably right. But she will find out when the big boys show how it REALLY works when billionaires get you elected. They own her, lock. stock, and tea bag

False Alarm

Ellmers is not hypocritical. She opposes the individual mandate. She does not oppose people getting insurance through their employer. So she chose to buy insurance through her employer.

waste of space

More high school journalism form the N and O , what a non story. Etheridge is gone and his friends are soon to follow. Such a non story, voting a against a crummy bill and getting health coverage from your employer is apples to oranges. Anyone who sees validity in a stupid clolumn is likewise.


Rep. Elmers makes $174,000
Husband is a surgeon makes atleast $300,000

I have the same plan that she does....

If she has kids she pays $250 tops with 75% of the total plan being paid by the taxpayer
If she has no kids she pays $120 tops with 75% of the total plan being paid by the taxpayer

$474,000 vs. $250 and not standing on your principles and buying your OWN Healthcare = priceless

Looks like getting a good deal is more important, than being a true tea party patriot.....

I'm shocked, shocked, to

I'm shocked, shocked, to find that hypocrisy is going on in this establishment.

No...not really...after all, she IS a tea bag partier.

Give me a break

I used to work for the Feds in DC, and had to take a disability retirement. I have BCBS FEHB. The little I get being disabled is gobbled up by the health, life, and dental/vision plan premiums I pay each month. So I get a little over $100 for my Federal disability payment. I used to work at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, and the BCBS I had there (family also) was 1/2 the price of the FEHB plan. So there are private employers out there offering coverage that beats "what Congress gets". And yes, it's expensive as hell living in DC, I rented a townhouse that actually moved during high winds for a mere $2000 a month. What a bargain... I just think that Congressional pay should be frozen indefinately - after all, there's no that's why I haven't received a COLA for the second year in a row. 

BigAlpha: Confusing, this

BigAlpha: Confusing, this one is, as the Yoda would say.  I didn't read anyone blasting vitriolic rhetoric against Ms. Ellmers, but if they did then you're right, and they oughtta put a sock in it.  We should disagree without being all Alpha Male about it, right?

Also, I posted a snarky response to some of your lib bashing below.  Feel free to snark back, of course, but I'm actually curious to see your response(s) to the facts presented.

AP:  Aside from Kill The

AP:  Aside from Kill The Messenger style bashing, what do you think of the substantive issue here, or did I miss your comment on that?  Namely:

There are provisions in the FEHB that are mirrored in the ACA, but not widely available in the private insurance marketplace.  That's mainly because the FEHB, as a huge taxpayer subsidized customer, has leverage that you and I probably won't ever have.  Do you think it's appropriate for congress critters to bash the ACA while taking advantage of those same benefits for themselves in the FEHB?  I'm thinking specifically of the family coverage, rate-increase controls, and pre-existing condition coverage ... all available because joe and jane taxpayer provide the leverage.

BigAlpha:  Maybe pull the

BigAlpha:  Maybe pull the pie from your own pie-hole a bit, yeah?  Here is where you fail a little bit, to put it mildly:

1.  "You can get into the same BCBS that our congress uses....." is half-true at best.  The FEHB system is actually very generous by private employer standards, in that the federal employee contributes only 25% of costs for themselves and all family members.  Most people could not afford 100% of the cost of these plans, were they to purchase them on the open market.

2.  In addition the FEHB, like the Affordable Care Act, bars exlusions for "pre-existing conditions" ... Pretty sweet, huh?  There's another way that you and I can't get the same plan, maybe, even if we'd had the same maladies as the congress critters...

3.  Repeat this after me, puhleeze, as many times as necessary:  The Affordable Care Act is NOT government-run insurance.  No matter how much you wish it, dude, the only truth in your "government run" spiel is the expansion of Medicaid services to people at 133% of poverty ... For the most part the ACA just sets some rules about how private insurance plans interact with their customer base.  Kind of like the FEHB does.  You might not like that, but it sure isn't "government run".

How about reading up on the issue?

Libs. Please define "vitriolic rhetoric"?

We all know what it means?

Do you? I know words over 2 syllables are hard for you.

So why is your "vitriolic rhetoric" not 'caustic propaganda' that endangers Congress Women Ellmer's?

So why should the FBI not visit you and ask you questions?

Boo. It is the FBI watching you...

You libs must be in heat????

Your comments make no sense.

So my rep is the pathetic "price".

"I / We" don't rip him for his benefits. We are working to defeat him in 2012.

Be very careful what you say??? We might call the fbi on you. They can find out who you are.....

Ellmers Insurance

What is the big deal that she signed up with Blue Cross.  Half the state of NC is on Blue Cross.  Rob Christensen is out to lunch.  He and the N&O get scooped by the National Enquirer on Breck Boy Edwards and Rielle and refused to report what info he did have but he can come up with some meaningless tripe like this to try to demean a good and decent person like Renee Ellmers.   The article headline is high schoolish.


 Evidently, Ellmers is ok with having her "version" of a Tea Party as long as she gets her cheesecake benefits.  A nurse, married to a doctor, at that, and now getting $174,000 a protest abuses similar to the ones she is "entitling" herself too.

All that campaign talk was nothing more than rhetoric to get in.  She's no better than her opponent.

lest we forget ....

This tidbit of very public information was unearthed by the ONLY political reporter in America who did not know that John Edwards was carrying on a torrid affair with his videographer for two years. ....  An "award-winning political reporter" at that!

As for Ellmers' choice of health insurance, nothing she does / does not do will change any "despise her 'cause she's a Repub" minds.  Those so inclined will romp and stomp in full warpaint fueled by the afore-mentioned "award-winning" journo-sleuth.

No matter what a right

No matter what a right winger will find a way to spin things no matter how hypocritical it is!!

She has her health insurance.

Health insurance is a benefit of being a Federal employee. She won that right when she was elected.   I am sure she was thinking that as she voted to repeal the health care reform law and tossed the rest of NC citizens under the bus.  She's insured for the next 6 years!  Good luck to the rest of you. 

The good news is the repeal doesn't stand a chance. 

Why do you libs hate women???

Your hatred of ellmer's is based on her gender and her political views. Is that not a hate crime???


She beat your rope-a-dope. Get over it.

Why would she not take advantage of the benefits of her new position?

If you want to take her position, then move to her district and run against her.

Why not the hatred to the other conservatives from NC?

So you hate rich people and doc's. So stay away from us. Doc's can refuse to take you as a patient based on your voter registration.

NOT a "primetime player'

Not ready for "primetime'.  Ellmers has just proven this.  She's married to a damn doctor and gets paid $174,000 as a member of the House but she really loves that 'federal healthcare option'. 


What does 3/5 have to do with ellmer's getting insurance???

Obviuosly you libs have never opened a history book.

The founding fathers (who where northingnor's) wanted to abolish slavery in the constition. But the south would not ratify if they did.

So they came up with the 3/5 clause to hasten the demise of slavery.

Slavery was abolished in the south in the 1700's. But it was brought back by the south with the invention of the cotton gin that made cotton profitable.

Time for you to study.

love this game

Ooooo, I love this game !

If you believe in the fundamental Constitution do you believe that blacks only account for 3/5 of a human being?

Wait, wait, i have more . . .what's that?

oh, you were serious? . . .sorry, my bad.

love this game

Ooooo, I love this game !

If you believe in the fundamental Constitution do you believe that blacks only account for 3/5 of a human being?

Wait, wait, i have more . . .what's that?

oh, you were serious? . . .sorry, my bad.

Who Punked Who???

Who is the biggest punkster / thug / lier in DC? I think you know who.

You can get into the same BCBS that our congress uses by simply having a mailing address in that area or open a company in that area.

BTW, BCBS CareFirst is a private company and not the gov option. So she is not in bami care.

Do a little research before you open your pie hole...

Watch as she throws North Carolinians under the bus

Those of you who were suckered into voting for Ellmers will get all you have earned...

She is an employee


She is an employee


She is an employee

...and subject to the benefits of being an employee. I don't see how this is even an issue or by what logic she should give up her benefits as our employee.

Here are a few questions for folks....

1. If you believe in global warming, do you still drive a car?

2. If you believe that big banks caused the financial meltdown, do you still do business with any of them (credit cards, bank account, retirement, etc). If you run a business do you still cash checks from customers that use those banks?

3. If you believe that big pharma is evil, do you still purchase their drugs?

4. If you believe in Obamacare, do you still have private insurance?

5. If you believe in welfare, foodstamps, medicare, government housing, etc...why do you still have a job?

Just because you oppose something (or support something) does mean every decision in your life revolves around that choice.

Punked North Carolina Voters

Ellmers punked North Carolina voters. How do you feel now? Will she vote to cut Social Security & Medicare? Wtach as she throws North Carolinians under the bus.

Anyone who .....

Anyone who already despised Rep. Ellmers "just because" will continue to despise her regardless "just because" .... and Rob Rielle Who will write snippy little reports like this several times a month.  These are the times we live in.

Move On!!

Move on people!Nothing to see here!Just another tea party hypocrite!Keep it moving!Nothing to see here!!

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