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Ellmers makes "not ready for primetime" list

Another political outfit has deemed Republican Renee Ellmers not “ready for primetime.”

Hotline On Call, the National Journal website that tracks all things political in Washington, listed Ellmers this week among the top five Republican freshmen likely to do or say something in their first term that will hurt their re-election chances. Here’s what Hotline had to say:
“Until the closing days of the campaign, Ellmers was considered a longshot to unseat Rep. Bob Etheridge (D). That's probably why no one paid attention to her outlandish TV ad that claimed that the proposed Ground Zero mosque in New York City was a "victory mosque" for Muslims. Ellmers also didn't make any friends at the National Republican Congressional Committee when she lashed out at them on her website earlier this week for not helping to pay for her recount fees. “

Hotline’s point echoes that of an NRCC spokesman this summer, who said the Ellmers campaign wasn’t yet ready for primetime. The group declined to add her to its “Young Guns” list of GOP contenders.

The NRCC now is backing Ellmers. The organization actually has chipped in $10,000 total: $5,000 for the recount and another $5,000 for her general campaign. And it pledged last week to help with staff time and expertise as well. The NRCC now lists her on its recount website, with a link to her website.

Ellmers remains about 1,500 votes ahead in her challenge to incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge. If she remains within one percent by the final election canvass on Friday, he is likely to ask for a recount.


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Fire Carter Wrenn

Renee Ellmers should certainly fire Carter Wrenn for running that terrible Mosque ad that made her look like a bigot.  Wrenn constantly skated on thin ice when he worked for Jesse Helms -- making bigoted plays for the votes of racists and insulting the Republican National Committee.

Lack of Experience is not the same as lacking the ability

Dear "Who?"

It is not "grossly unfair" to judge Ellmers; her "platform" is a joke; go to her web site and read her "planks"; her entire economic platform consists of "stopping the spending like a drunken sailor in Washington"; she has nothing to offer but platitudes and bromides, and when she doesn't have Carter Wrenn to articulate those for her, she is in over her head (see interview with Anderson Cooper); other than a photo smiling in a lab coat and glasses, all of her campaigning was condescension, misdirection, hate speech, and attack ads; this was confirmed when she apparently discovered for the first time that the US is partnering with a Muslim Government in Afghanistan (and building a $1B victory embassy in downtown Kabul), when she said the US shouldn't be doing buiness with Muslims (who knows what religion she thought Hamid Karzai was?!); the only reason she is this close is because Bob Etheridge, whose election it is to lose, was likely drunk at the time (I suppose he is her "drunken spending sailor") and grabbed the Republican Operative who continues to conceal his identity (even the Rand Paul head stomper went public!) with cameras rolling, AND Carter Wrenn's mastery, where he managed to wrangle her into the spotlight (which took all of his substantial skill with no substance to work with ).  But for Wrenn and Etheridge, she would be another Saturday Night Live joke.  If she ekes out her fifteen hundred votes to get her fifteen minutes of fame, its because of Etheridge and Wrenn, not any presence of talent on her part; in office, she will be a feckless, one term wonder that will likely embarass NC in the national media.

So basically...

... as soon as Carter Wrenn is out of the picture, she'll have nothing to worry about?  Wasn't he behind the Victory Mosque ad and the NRCC bad-mouthing?


It's grossly unfair to judge what freshman Congresswoman Ellers will or won't do during her first term. My goodness, she is just beginning to name her office team! What should be important to all of us is that she is a professionally trained woman, from North Carolina, who is capable of learning.

Did Nancy Pelosi or other women get this level of scrutiny when they first entered Congress? Or were citizens persuaded by a machine that wrote her speeches and created her image? Obviously the people of her District wanted someone new who wouldn't purport to know everything on Day !

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