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Ellmers forms a leadership PAC

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers is just a freshman in Washington but she's looking to increase her clout with the formation of a new leadership political action committee.

Dubbed "Conservatives Restoring Excellence," the Raleigh-based PAC filed papers with the Federal Election Commission on Sept. 15. The treasurer is listed as Collin McMichael, who runs his own political shop at CM&Co. The new committee will allow her to raise $5,000 contributions and donate money to like-minded causes and candidates, who are likely to return the favor.

A leadership PAC is not typical for a Capitol Hill newbie. But it's part of the Dunn Republican's effort to distinguish herself as a leading voice. (Call it The New York Times effect: a profile -- even if it appeared on A14 -- gave her a national platform). 

A University of Minnesota study released Monday found that Ellmers was the 13th most quoted first-term lawmaker -- and the third highest-ranking woman -- out of 94 freshmen in Congress.


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Anyone who gives Ellmers money should have their head examined

Renee Ellmers is no leader - she is a bigot on steroids.  Ellmers' voting record in Congress is a disgrace to North Carolina.  Bob Etheridge will beat her soundly in 2012.

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